I haven’t posted much this last week because we felt daily happenings on the urban homestead were insignificant compared to the misery that many are going through. As the days go by the situation is slowly regaining control and that helps lifts our spirits a tiny bit.

Avocados are what’s for dinner (lunch) these days on the homestead. Enjoying these nutty treats while we can through their short ripening season.

The pepper harvest this year is better than ever. I remember a time nearly 10 years ago planting bell peppers in the garden and not getting any peppers (or course hot and banana pepper were no trouble at all). After a couple of years of minuscule harvests it was determined that we couldn’t grow bell peppers worth a lick! But, happy to say, each year on the bell pepper crop has been getting better as we get smarter and the soil improves.  

Wish I could say the same for the tomato crop, every year is different like a roll of the dice. We really can’t measure on year against the next.    One factor is that we are growing heirlooms and they are more susceptible to diseases. If instead we grew hybrids I think we could have a better yearly comparison. Lots of eggplant coming in and second crop of tomatoes.  So we are eating well from the earth’s bountiful blessings.

We’ll be heading up north again for a couple days to attend a green conference put on by the Sierra Club. Postings will be suspended until we get back next week. In the meantime, please take time to share with reader’s on the message board and the new travel guide – an online resource center for fellow travelers.

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  1. Mairi says:

    So glad to hear your family ok down in N.O. hope they continue to be well. Have had some computer problems lately so access if iffy at the moment. YOur new site is shaping up nice, when the computer behaves better I’ll try the open portal. In the meantime we continue to have a lot of heat and not much rain. Too bad Katrina couldn’t have dropped some of that mess over here. I’ve had, maybe, 2″ for this whole monsoon season, mostly .1″ at a time which doesn’ even settle the dust. Because of the early high temps the tomatoes are just now coming in, the potatoe crop was a dud & most fall crops have not been germinating despite shade cloth & twice a day sprinkles. Just hoping for cooler weather soon! Hugs & luv, mairi

  2. dragonfly183 says:

    I grow bell peppers myself. This is my second year trying them. I got much better production last year with less plants. . . Mine are also very small. Half the size i see in the grocery store. Any tips for me??