Dear Readers

These last few weeks, the blogosphere and certain media outlets have been full of unfounded and false reports that have led to a smear campaign against members of our family. Unfortunately, there is much published misinformation, but one valid point was brought to my attention.

Back in 2008, I did  some research about “Victory Gardens” for a post used on this( Little Homestead in the City) site and our sister site I used three sources, citing two but omitting to credit one of the paragraphs (the content was that of a time-line and it was never my intention to claim these words as my own). See  Yet a mistake was made and for that I am sorry and do apologize.

Right after the error was pointed out last week, I edited the post by adding the proper quotation formatting and source citation. I appreciated the chance to correct my mistake and rectify the inadvertent oversight.

Although the oversight was not brought to my attention in a private and direct manner, correction is correction and there is always room for improvement. So I hope to strive to  be more careful, making sure I check for omissions, etc., in the future.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to correct my mistake.
Anais Dervaes


  1. Kevin says:

    Hi Anais,
    I have a theory, that when you have or create something in the world that is very positive, just like the pole of a magnet, it can attract forces that are equally negative. In the most extreme cases, you have John Lennon or Jesus, but you also see it when the paparazzi photographers and news media pursue celebrities. The more fame a celebrity acquires, the greater amount of energy expended to destroy that fame. Look how much actual time and energy has been expended against Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and so on. You and your family have created that little concentration of positive energy there on your property, and it can draw equally negative forces trying to tear it apart. That, in turn, draws your own energy away from your positive creations in order to fight the negative energy. The higher you raise your head up, the more somebody wants to chop it off. My best wishes that you can navigate through these assaults quickly and easily, which will allow you to get back to growing organic vegetables and making energy efficient jam.

  2. Leslie says:

    When you get successful wannabes in your field will attempt to pull you down. Sadly, this is probably human nature. Hang in there

  3. Ginger says:

    What a noble and good gesture. No one of character would knowingly usurp the work of another, and I believe you are a woman of character. Good for you!

    I think it is strange that as soon as someone gets a bit of success that others want to pull them down and tear them to pieces. Like a bucket of crabs, they must pull the top ones down to climb up over them. Sad but true.

    Keep working toward something beautiful and the little pinchers will go away.

  4. Francie says:

    Anais, the efforts of your incredible family, and your equally incredible website have been such an inspiration to me. Even though I can’t begin to do many of the earth-sustaining things all of you do, I do my best to incorporate some of your ideas and concepts into a small segment of my life. Thank you so very much for being there.

  5. Helen Cox says:

    Oh, Anais ~ I have no idea why this dark cloud has descended upon your family, because you all have done nothing to deserve it. You are wonderful, honest folks and you’ve taught me more in our morning visits over coffee than I’ve learned on my own in over 40 years of backyard gardening. I’ve had similar seasons in my own life (no fun at all) and I’ve found that if you just stay the course it will all pass. Chances are you’ll find you’ve learned something from all of this that was an unintended consequence ~ and that’s always a good thing! We love you guys :o)

  6. Kari Pelletier says:


    Just another little note to let you and your family know that you are in our thoughts and prayes daily. Keep the faith and plese continue your magnificent effort.

  7. Lee Johnson says:

    It is unfortunate in these days that society does not recognize righteous good people like you and your family. Your back to basic goodness has not gone unappreciated by myself, my family and my friends. We have incorporated these principles into our daily living and have recognized its positive affect I continue to support your work and appreciate the fact that I have your web site to guide me and give me the encouragement to continue.
    Lee Johnson

  8. Laura says:

    You’d think that people would have better things to do than engage in such senseless attacks. Maybe they need to get out in the sun and plant a garden…

  9. Deborah Hagerty says:

    Hang in there….but do not hang your heads while hanging in there. Even this storm will pass and you will come out of it with that freshness that can only happen after the storm. So sad for what you are going through but am trusting the Creator to bring you through this valley of shadows (Ps 23, 1 Cor 10:13

  10. George says:

    It’s an easy mistake to make. I did the same thing on my blog, thinking that words were obviously a quote from someone else, I got hammered for my hubris 🙂 Live and learn.

  11. Jen C. says:

    The first I heard of any negative reports about your family was from you. I have not gone looking for what is being said, but I can tell you I would not believe what I read anyway. I believe your family to be real and genuine. I guess people out there have nothing better to do then attack a hard working family who are trying to live a simple life in a world that is far from simple. Just try not to let all that bother you, and keep up the good work!
    Jen C. (nor-cal)

  12. Jeff says:

    Corrections are always a good thing. With so many people suddenly critical of your family’s efforts, I would very much like to hear you set the record straight. What is this smear campaign, and who is leading it? I have been reading your blog regularly for years, and as much as I find the criticism disconcerting, so too is the lack of any substantive response, specifically with regards to actions taken against Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen.

  13. Kim Campbell says:

    I think it is great of you to go back to 2008, correct said error, and post about it with such grace. Everyone makes mistakes. I feel bad that all this mudslinging is going on.

    A fan for ever!

  14. kari says:

    What you all do is just amazing! You inspire alot of small city lot owners. I really hope any crazy things going on will not make you doubt this for a second! Good luck to you in the future,and continue doing such a wonderful job-Kari

  15. Anais says:

    @Flora: Please see and

  16. Anais says:

    @Kirsten: Please see and

  17. Candace says:

    No problem. 🙂

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