Converting gas engine to diesel

Q. I just found your website – very interesting! My husband was just telling me about this kind of fuel a few evenings ago. We have an old (1989) Suburban – and he was considering trying to convert the engine (gasoline) to one that can run on the biodeisel feul. (We are a one income family, as I stay home to homeschool our 4 young children.)

Do you have any suggestions for web sites to visit that explain how to do that kind of conversion?

Thanks so much!
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A. Converting a gasoline engine vehicle to a diesel engine can be done but it may be costly. It can be done to certain chevy/gmc models, jeep, also land rovers. We looked into doing this also because we had a hard time finding our diesel 1988 Suburban. We were told it would cost over $10,000.00. It just appears easier and more cost effective to buy a used diesel vehicle.

Here are a few links that may interest you:

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