Okay, we’ll be the first to admit it–when we get overwhelmed by the scent of flowers, the earthiness of the soil and the immenseness of the whole universe and get really philosophical about life and what it means, we’ll come to the ultimate conclusion that technology isn’t where we find life.  We don’t care what anybody says… text emoticons don’t represent the real thing. 🙂

However, because the internet has become a significant part of life and there are so many people we want to help, we have a mailing list to keep in touch with you and to let you know what’s going down on the Urban Homestead project.  We’ll keep you informed of upcoming exciting happenings, new information, and opportunities for everyone to become more involved.

Our mailing list is secure, confidential and spam free.  We hate spam just as much as you do.  We get far too much of it and wish there was a way to compost it.  We think SPAM should remain a mystery meat and spammers need to get a life, eat more salad and grow something.  If you should ever get get spam from us, just know that we probably got hacked or are being impersonated by evil gremlins who need to mind their own business and go eat some salad.  It’s happened.  Just sayin’.

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The Urban Homestead’s online magazine: “Urban Homesteading”
is the mailing list you want if you want all the happening and announcements on the Urban Homestead project.  It includes the latest Urban Homesteading events calendar, highlights from “Little Homestead in the City,” and more!  Stay tuned