With our Urban Homestead model of living, we are not only are growing our own food, but growing a community too by pioneering hope and gratitude in a gritty corner of Northwest Pasadena that needed a heap of both.

“Music & farming have always gone hand in hand with the rhythms of labor and of nature, weaving themselves into songs and tunes that resonate deeply across the ages.  What better way to enhance life, work family and community than by joining together in song and dance.”

—Jay Ungar & Molly Mason  

In 2012, we swung open our barn doors (actually our garage!) and invite the surrounding community to join us in celebrating the goodness of this life and the harmony and connection we share through music and the Earth that feeds us.

We are delighted to share our urban space with artists who embrace the idea that good eatin’ and good music makes for good livin’! For what is a home without friends and family in it? What is a table without healthful food on it to share? And, really – what’s a life without music!

The Hootenanny!