A few weeks back we were emailed this poignant and provocative song which I would like to share with you all.

Why Pay Anything More by Derek Roche

… excess consumption is what we got

… everything feels the greed, there is still so much that we need

… garbage mountains block our view, packaging all that we buy new

when is this going to end?

… and still we keep buy, buy, buying till we bought everything on the shelf

and still we keep try, try, trying till we own more than one else

…Our Mother is suffering, she whispers her pain

Our Father is crying, His tears come down acid rain

… who is driving this consumer’s bust, don’t look now but I think it’s us

no one else to blame. what we are doing is insane

(Note: Link is in mp3 format. You can either click on link and allow file to load in new window, or right click and “save-as” or “save link as” then navigate to the location you saved it on your computer and play.)

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  1. gina says:

    Beautiful & insightful song–thanks for sharing it with us!