Front garden gets a new makeover

Putting in a bottle border

Placing pavers from a salvage yard

Love the round pattern!

Coming together! Second hand patio set from my Grandmere

Over these past few weeks, the front yard garden has gone through an extreme makeover.   Thanks to a local salvage yard and a second hand patio set, we’ve transformed a “garden space” into a “people space.”

Farm Stand customers are always saying how they would love to sit in the garden and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds.   Thanks to the quick and creative work from our gardeners, Front Porch Farm Stand Customers  now  have their wish!  Of course, we aren’t done yet!  Plans are to have a friend make an arbor that will support a climbing rose.  MMMMM.  I can just envision sipping tea surrounded by the scent of roses, jasmine and herbs.  Divine.

Treat Yourself

Retreat from the hustle & bustle of city and Refresh your spirit.   Place your order and reserve your garden space! Just one of the perks that come from being a Front Porch Farm Stand member (Open Sun – Fri 9 am – 7 pm  Close Saturday).

Not a Front Porch Farm Stand customer or member?  Then sign up at info(at)urbanhomestead(dot)org and ask to be put on the free Produce Membership List!

Support local foods & community!

Lend a Hand

Are you excited about this new garden space and  wonder how you can help?    We are doing this expansion for your benefit on a limited budge so please consider donating to this community space.  Remember your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Calling all local artisans.  Do you make functional and decorative garden products or art?  Contact us at info(at)urbanhomestead(dot)org

Make our garden place your space!

PS Notice the Ollas, or clay pot irrigation?   This unglazed pottery works extremely well to irrigate our herbs and edible landscaping.  Now back in stock at Urban Homestead Supply


  1. nhi says:

    great idea with the bottle border! can that be a water reservoir?

  2. Natalie, the Chickenblogger says:

    Cheers! What a lovely upgrade you all have created.
    I like to think that someday I will have a visit there.

  3. Nancy R says:

    Thanks to one of your posts about putting in a blue wine bottle border, I started a wine bottle border in my front yard. I can’t drink wine because it gives me a headache, but that’s okay, because everyone around here saves their empties for me, and I must have hundreds by now. So far, my border snakes abound on the inside of my picket fence. It’s all curves, as putting them in a straight line just didn’t work out. The more colors the prettier it is. It’s a work in process, as I only put in around 10 each weekend. I have alot of weeds and roots to dig out, so getting them inserted can be time consuming. Alot of people that see my border, think it’s a great idea. It is certainly a pretty way to recycle.

    Your front yard looks beautiful. Something for me to work towards. Thank you, Nancy R

  4. Ginger says:

    very nice now you need a guest cottage

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