Anais, Jules & JB plastering oven

Ray came by yesterday and brought along some more buckets of clay in addition to a black granite piece that’s to be used as a warming shelf (he’s thought of everything!). Ray stayed awhile to help us flip the top of the oven over (that was cool) so we could start plastering the inside. He remarked that his/this technique using a mold instead of sand to shape the inside “has never be done before.”    

Towards late afternoon a friend came and helped us with the plastering.  It was fun, reminded me of icing a cake.  The only “difficulty” was trying to spread the plaster evenly –1/2″ thick.  In a couple hours we got the whole inside plastered and one could see it slowly started to look like an oven. Once the top is dry and attached to the bottom of the oven then we can call everyone over for a plastering party! more cob photos 


It’s that time of year again when the school across the street needs to find homes for the chickens the kids raised. This year we need to find a home for 2 standard hens (however, Jordanne has inklings that one’s a rooster).  Read details about this free chicken offer