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Here’s another growing project presented by Path to Freedom. We’ve been hinting at this site for some time and now it’s nearing completion!

Back in early January when we launched the Victory Garden-100 Foot Diet Challenge we knew we needed to have a site where folks could feed information directly. That site started off with the url of But then as we went along we needed to discern that this challenge to not just eat what you grow, but grow what you eat as we rally and encourage folks to start their own Victory Gardens.

Then we got to thinking Victory Garden’s were the rally cry of the past. In these modern day, we once again need solutions for hard times. With rising food prices and increasing strains on the climate we have another adversary to overcome so hence the name FREEDOM GARDENS.

I’ll go into more details when the site launch is closer…. hopefully end of this week! Are you excited? Good! Because we are counting on YOU to make this site an active community.

We are hoping others will join our latest project and rally together to Grow for Victory, Grow for Independence and Grow for Freedom.

Once again Jordanne did a splendid job (glad she’s my sister otherwise we’d wouldn’t be able to afford her services) of putting our concept of this site together. Luckily she enjoys what she does but I think her efforts do need some compensation because she so freely gives of her time. Though we still remain strong in our principle not to put ads (except our “homemade ads” to advertise our own online store – example on very top of this journal page) on our personal site (Path to Freedom) it may be different for the new site. will directly help others – a sharing platform for fellow freedom gardeners to share their growing and eating efforts. Because it’s not a “personal” site and project like our urban homestead expenses shouldn’t have to come out of our pocket and we are working that dilemma at the moment.

Once again our efforts are supported through the generosity of our readers either through tax deductible donations or purchases from our online store (profit of 30%)

And we aren’t done yet! Next, onto the long anticipated, new improved PTF site complete with a new photo gallery.

The fruits of our labor and your support are evident in our continuing commitment and work. Without care and fertilizer such growth isn’t possible.

Thank you for supporting our growing efforts and spread the word of this new homegrown revolution!

Help us grow a healthy future.

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