These photos were taken yesterday and what a difference a day makes. Just as it was starting to get cold again with a frost danger, can you believe it’s raining again? It was only last weekend that we were under a deluge of rain – 4 plus inches to be exact.  Pretty soon we are going to need a row boat to get around town.

Of course the animals are sulking not quite sure what to make of actual “weather”


I know I promised not to talk about seeds for awhile (can’t help it though) but just wanted to say that we’ve had over 325 requests to date with a couple dozen orders so far.

We’d like to thank those of you would ordered seeds from us and highlighted the sprouting of our seed company and campaign on your website. Check out Our Green Living Journey for a 5% discount off your seed order.

Your support is vital in helping us stay online and continue to share and expand our outreach.

Happy sowing.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: SP $40 donation.  Thank you for your support


  1. Margret says:

    Here’s hoping you were able to harvest a little of your rainwater since you mentioned the snowpack being significantly down for the year. We’re supposed to get some rain this weekend in Tallahassee, which is good since we planted a 50-lb bag of seed taters last Sunday. If I can conn the boss into letting me off about noon next Friday, I’m going to spend Saturday in a close relationship with the Troy Bilt tiller, getting my spring beds ready. Thanks to your inspiration, my front yard will have 70% less grass & lots more FOOD in it this year.

  2. heather says:

    look at your plants! we are still up to our armpits in snow here in maine. LOL
    i bought my children the book on energy you mentioned a few posts back. LOL YOU ARE IN IT! I didn’t catch that. We love the book.

    heather in maine

  3. cindy says:

    I tryed to order a seed list before and it would not take my email address so I thought I would try here.

  4. Lizz says:

    It warmed me to come here and see Spring. It’s not that far off for us in Oregon, yay!

    Brightest Blessings and Love~

  5. Allyn says:

    I got my seeds today! Thank you! 😀

    I think it’s wonderful that you notify the buyer when you ship them! It made me so excited when I knew my seeds were on their way.

    Time to start germinatin’.

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