Ice at 11

Brrrr, the last few days/nights have been the coldest we’ve had in 5 years.

I know, I know, another post about  wussy Californians complaining about the weather BUT it was colder in LA than New York and that’s a FACT.  Ah, yes… all signs point to “global weirding” scenario, going from one extreme to another and no in-between.

From the news

“Golden to frozen, California faces epic cold snap”  and this clip of Californians “Overacting” to the cold snap. Pretty funny!

Cover up!

Last winter was such a mild one  so a cold snap was long overdue.

It was very cold, but, thankfully, not as bad for us as the Deep Freeze of 2007   that left our garden “Black & Blue”.   That year we lost all of our bananas, basil and the cold set the citrus, guavas and many other plants back a few years, plus we were out of the salad business for  a few weeks.    This year, we were better prepared (and hopefully smarter!) with the several layers of row covers, plastic, and tarps which helped keep all of the raised beds above freezing – with many of the greens  thriving and growing under the snug covers.  This year the deep freeze, as expected, did (some) damage to   a few tender perennials that were in the front yard  – like the African blue basil,  and the guavas.   So far, they are not a complete lost, since it appears only the leaves were damaged and they   should grow back in a season.

So far, we’ve been lucky (blessed) and thankfuly the temps are warming up!  Highs will be in the upper 70’s and lows mid 40’s by the weekend!

Cassidy catches sunshine on top the compost box

How did your garden fare?



  1. Bob says:

    I saw on tv about heavy smog in China which would have to impact weather

    but also the record highs and lows a couple of days ago in OK City were 85 to 95 years ago.

    I think global warming is art not a science If it is science then it is being “practiced” just like my Doc’s

    Just maybe the cold spell in LA will kill some harmful mold or insects or maybe not .

    my basil freezes every year

  2. Nancy R says:

    We are having a warm winter in Pinellas County Florida. I’ve been harvesting tomatoes like crazy. It’s not great for all the cold weather stuff I’ve planted, but they are all hanging in there because the nights are in the 60’s. It’s supposed to get a bit cooler tomorrow. We’ve had highs in the low to mid 80’s for over a week.

    On a different note, I got my first chickens 2 weeks ago. We are allowed to have 4 in my town, so that’s how many I got. I’m just loving them.

  3. Gwynn says:

    It’s been down to 9 degrees at night the last few days here in the desert SW. Today we are up to a high of 25. Short of a green house or high tunnel I’m not sure how to keep things from freezing. Just one of many challenges faced here in gardening.

  4. G. says:

    I live between NYC and Philly. Overall, we have had a lot of rain as well as a lot of cloudy days over the last three years. While I have not kept records, we have mold and moss growing where it has never grown/been before. The mold is a particular nuisance. It looks as though we will be having one of those winters where the temperature fluctuates enough to negatively affect the trees. We need at least two full weeks of below freezing temperatures to keep the “bugs” at bay.

    The year before we had so much rain that it was “mud city” for the sheep. They couldn’t be put on pasture until it “dried out” and were not happy, and. Quite frankly, neither were we. Last year was a little better, but we had heat waves. At least our animals were not affected. The sheep were fine, the chickens kept on laying but not up to par, and the rabbits made it with the help of fans.

    Although the temperatures are dipping between freezing and below, they also are rising to nearly 50F! For me, that is daytime sweater weather! It is not the winters of my youth, that is for sure!

    God Blessed.

  5. Keith says:

    We have been FREEZING here in AZ. That’s so crazy! I even covered my lettuces, and pulled back the covers to find them frozen. Hmmm… covers don’t seem to do enough when you hit the low 20s. Not sure what made it and what didn’t yet.

  6. Bethany says:

    My husband went to work in -5F the other morning here in Utah. Not much growing in the garden right now, as the ducks managed to get to a lot of it – what isn’t frozen, anyway. Tricky little buggers! Oh well, I can always plan for spring!

  7. Tania says:

    Just had heavy snowfall in the UK … Set my plans for the garden back by at least a month … But hey Spring is coming and I noticed daylight on the way in to work this morning at 6.45am.

    Also sowed my celeriac and leek seeds at the weekend indoors which was a massive pick me up in all this cold weather we’ve had of late.

    Best wishes


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