Inner pieces of the cob oven

Yesterday Ray (who’s going to be helping us build a cob oven) came over and dropped off some of the inner workings of the oven. Using scrap pieces, he’s welding together the inner skeleton.  Combining his “rocket fired oven” technique and traditional cob will make this oven quite unique.  He’ll be recycling used tiles to make “petals” around the oven to give us counter space to prepare food. How neat is that?

Ahhh, the weather’s cooled down – thankfully! We’ll take the triple digit heat in July and August, but not in May, thank you very much.

I received an email from a friend yesterday who insightfully wrote:

“Whatever your lot in life, plant something on it.” ~ Steve Akers ~

Thank you Steve, for a great quote!

Today there’s quite a bit of work to do on the urban homestead–rotating beds, planting seed blocks of summer crops.   Let’s not forget working on the deck and getting the area cleaned up where the cob oven will be going.