Bon Appetite

The past two days we’ve enjoyed cooking tasty mini pizzas in the cob oven. We used fresh tomatoes, peppers and squash from our garden, along with sprigs of basil as toppings. For an impromptu pizza crust we used some whole wheat pita bread from Trader Joes. The oven works beautifully (so far). With pieces of scrap wood we are able to heat the oven to a substantial cooking temperature. The oven retains heat well pass the initial firing since it’s so thickly insulated. Its unique construction incorporates air chambers around the metal drum at the base with additional air chambers on the top which help draw heat from the bottom chamber, keeping the oven nice and toasty.

The marble shelf in front of the door retains heat and is useful for keeping items warm. It could even be used to make pancakes!  The marble “petals” along the rim of the oven are quite useful for countertop space. I haven’t tried to cook anything in the hotter, bottom chamber – I could try roasting some vegetables. This certainly is a great multi-purpose oven!

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  1. dermot says:

    mmm…pizza looks yummy – I can’t wait for a sample!

  2. brad says:

    Wow, that is awesome! I assume the oven is wood-fired? Small pieces of wood? How long does it take to heat to cooking temp? Is it hard to maintain a consistent temperature? Do you use any kind of bellows to help with this? Be interesting to see a picture of the “firebox”, maybe from the back.

  3. Debra Tomek says:

    I would love to see more of the food that you cook for your family because you often mention that you eat what you grow. A regular peice or two would be so nice.