Model “lady bug” cob oven

On Saturday we spent an interesting day participating in ‘Earth Day LA’ in Santa Monica at the fashionable 3rd St Promenade. By interesting I mean the whole atmosphere —  here we were, part of 60 “earth conscious” exhibitors in the middle of the trendy Promenade, surrounded by Paris Hilton wannabes with everyone dressed as if they had come straight out of some fashion magazine.   Anyhow, we got to meet Ray of Cobanation who will be doing a cob oven building workshop for us in June. He brought along a small model of the oven he will be building at the workshop.   It’s a ladybug on a daisy flower – very practical and whimsical.  I talked to him about using the oven and am thrilled about the possibilities of cooking with it.  We are really excited about this workshop, can’t wait!

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On Sunday we had a load of horse manure and shavings delivered by Tim Because the manure is so hot, the guys have to shovel it first into bins and old garbage cans and let it sit for a few weeks.  After the manure is cool, they use it as top dressing for container plants and throughout the yard.  The manure that Tim delivers  is so fine that people often mistake it as mulch.