The North Pole has been frozen for 100,000 years. But according to scientists, by the end of this century that won’t be true. One expert tells Scott Pelley it’s a “global warning” on global warming.
Check out 60 Minutes piece global warning on global warming

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  1. Porkopolis says:

    60 Minutes was very selective with their reporting on Paul Mayewski’s (the very scientist they interview in the report) research into global warming.

    They left out this (

    “A team led by University of Maine scientists has reported finding a potential link between changes in solar activity and the Earth’s climate. In a paper due to be published in an upcoming volume of the Annals of Glaciology, Paul Mayewski, director of UMaine’s Climate Change Institute, and 11 colleagues from China, Australia and UMaine describe evidence from ice cores pointing to an association between the waxing and waning of zonal wind strength around Antarctica and a chemical signal of changes in the sun’s output…

    …Researchers in the UMaine Climate Change Institute ( have focused on the relationship between solar variability and climate, particularly the use of isotopes in tree rings and ice cores to provide an indication of the sun’s strength. The ice core data reported in the paper demonstrates a direct atmospheric consequence associated with changing solar radiation.”

    For more see:

  2. Anais says:

    Thanks for the additional info. I, however, didn’t see the program, someone just sent me the link. So thanks for the head up on what was left out.