CITY STOCK: Holistic Chickens & Ducks

Are you thinking about raising chickens or ducks in your backyard? Then this class is for you! We’ll give you the nitty gritty details–for newbies only (who have no prior experience raising poultry)

Jordanne, with over a dozen years of experience, will talk you through the basics of responsibly raising poultry in the city.


‘”Raising Chickens” was a fantastic event. Jordanne is so experienced and knowledgeable. She’s been raising chickens for many years and she was so kind and generous with sharing everything she has learned. From the very basics of shelter and food to the more complex matters of health care, Jordanne provided us with hands-on wisdom that you can’t learn from a book. I’d definitely recommend that anyone interested in raising chickens attend this class. Jordanne is a valuable resource.” – Indra

“Jordanne continually amazes us and others she meets with her immense knowledge of animals. She’s not the type to let on how much she knows but she feels that she should share her knowledge because as she says “I wish someone had done that for me.” I really think she should consider charging for “Citified Animal” consultations because she’s certainly a walking encyclopedia on health, living and behavioral aspects of ducks, chickens, rabbits and now goats.”

“Jordanne Dervaes Taught me more about my chickens in a few minutes visiting, than I have learned in my lifetime of raising them. Jordanne is a kindred spirit and our family is blessed in our growing friendship with the Dervaes family.” – DS


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  1. Natalie Coe says:

    Hi there!

    I live in a small town in Northern Indiana. I have been wanting to start raising chickens for their eggs and as pets. I checked with our town police officer on the ordinances our town may have regarding having chickens in city limits. I was told that livestock of any kind is not allowed unless it is to be raised and used for 4H purposes only. How are you able to raise your chickens, ducks and goats within the city limits? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, Natalie Coe

  2. Laura Maimone says:


    I was wondering about your hurdles (if any) with your neighbors about your animals. I have backyard hens and I have had some issues.

    Thank you,

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