Like clockwork each morning ,the citified hens hang out together

 Enough photos already, lady.  Sorry, guys, am I disturbing your little gathering?  But look at all those purdy faces

 The Belgian banties are so expressive,  Estella wonders “whatcha looking at kiddo?”  No kidding, this chicken not afraid to give you eye to eye contact. She’s human, or so she thinks she is.

 Silly Sairey is a messy chicken, Lucie (a.k.s “miss priss “who’s always taking dust baths) helps her out ,”silly, you missed your beak again, here, let me get that for you.”

Every morning, after their breakfast, the chickens like to hang together and do a bit of preening and sun worshipping (a “zen-like” ritual for chickens). I can’t help but stop and observe, highly amused at their antics.

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  1. Susan says:

    Love those pictures!

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