City Farming Is Not an Oxymoron

Meet Jules, Justin, Anais and Jordanne Dervaes, Pasadena residents who turned their modest home into a farm that produces more than 4,000 pounds of fruits, vegetables, herbs, eggs and more annually. They were kind enough to invite me and my little camera in to document a little slice of their rural lives in the city.

This 3-minute story only scratches the surface of the plethora of skills and talents this family puts to work. Justin makes biodiesel from used restaurant kitchen grease; Anais cooks up all sorts of food-based products like soap; Jordanne is developing a special line of poultry feed to prevent common diseases; and Jules, well, he founded the Urban Homesteading Movement right in his backyard. On top of it all, the family has an eye for high-quality photography, an ear for sharp writing on their blog, and their Web design and coding skills reach much further than most bloggers or even Web masters.

While this wasn’t meant to be a PR piece, I was duly impressed. Enjoy!

Thanks to the Dervaes family and Janice Bakke for allowing production of this video.

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