Chick-a -doodle-doos

This place has gone to the chickens! We have our own little mini hatchery here at the urban homestead.   We turned a built in hutch closet in one of the bedrooms into a brooder nursery – works well.

The chickies are sooo cute — and all those yummy colors.   Sheesh, think we’d keep them all if we could. From this early age you can really tell/get a sense of their disposition. The Buff Orphingtons are sweet and docile and the Rhode Island Reds are high strung and like to peck on the others (bad chickies!)

Backyard Poultry Operation

Hey all you backyard poultry lovers and newbies, the time has finally arrived!
For those of you who ordered baby chicks, Jordanne will be sending out a notice of when you can come and pick them up ( I believe those of you have already gotten the notices).

In the notice she will recommend that you have a place for these baby chicks complete with a brooder lamp, water and food supply. Jordanne will have release papers and some information on raising chicks to take home with you.

For those of you who ordered pullets, they’ll be ready for pick up in 4-6 weeks time.
With our banties (too small too sex) Jordanne will be testing out a few old wives tales to determine their sex. Will keep track and mark them accordingly and see if the old wives’ club is right.   Two methods we plan on trying is holding the chicken upside down (no cruelty, I assure you) and another one is swinging a magnet over the chickens body. We’ll keep you posted on methods and results.

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  1. Jamie says:

    a little busy huh ? Everything looks great (the apron, chicks, ollas)