Trying again

We received 12 D’uccles chicken eggs yesterday. Jordanne wants to try again at hatching. This time we conceded in adding an automatic egg turner to the incubator.
After staying up late to regulate the incubator, early this morning we put in the eggs. Candle them in about weeks time and then just wait for nature to take it’s course.
Hopefully, we’ll have better luck this time around….

The middle bedroom has been turned into a three ring (box) chicken raising operation. We’ve lost a few because of mishandling by the incompetent Post Office, the poor chickes were left on the cold loading dock for over 4 hours. Jordanne is a little peeved at the PO folks because last Monday morning (around 7am) she called and alerted them that there were chickens to be delivered and the woman could care less to even check.   Around 1pm we get a call from the another branch of the PO saying that the chickens were ready for pick-up. Jordanne knowing that every hour is critical, rushed over there and brought them home, but you could tell that they (especially the little bantams) were stressed. Next time, we won’t rely on the lackadaisical PO folks to do their job. Instead, we’ll ride our bikes over there and demand they check all incoming parcels…. or sit there until they do!

Fortunately, the hatchery is going to send replacement chicks and that means, because of popular demand we’ll be offering a few more varieties.   Stay tuned for details. Also Jordanne is working on taking orders for ducks, so stay tuned for that. Also, we hope to have some time to develop the Backyard Poultry Kit (the name for this kit is so cute, I’m sure people are going to love it!) complete with items every urban homesteader should have…. again, stay tuned.

Miracle Chick

Hatched 5 days late, miracle chick (aka “chick-a-doodle”) is doing well. We tried some old wives tale methods to determine if it was a male or female and at first all signs were pointing toward male, but now after 6 weeks, we are suspecting the chick might be a female!
She/he’s almost all feathered out… growing up fast…

Three Ring Circus

Days pass so fast these days, it’s a three ring circus around here sometimes. People who drop by, comment “oh, I came at the wrong time.”   In which our response is, “it’s like this most of the time!.”


I promise to get around to posting photos of the spring garden (looking lovely!) and us modeling some “surprise aprons” sent to us by a fellow traveler… So many stories and experiences to write about and share – it would take me a day alone just to write about them. *sigh*