Chickens: roosters; avian flu; squirrels

Q. & A. I’m so impressed, and inspired! I have a few questions though, about animals:

1) does it require a rooster to keep the chickens laying? If so, do they
crow around the clock?

Answer: Hens will lay eggs without a rooster – the eggs, however, will be
non fertile. To read more go to:

2) Do you have any concerns about avian flu? What measures are you
taking to prepare for that possibility?

Answer: We are more concerned that the situation will be blown out of
proportion and create mass hysteria. Check out this site and what it has to say about
concerns over the avian flu:

or see this recent article in the Natural Home & Garden magazine:

3) Do you have any problems with squirrels? Any success with natural

Answer: Fortunately, we don’t have any problems with squirrels.
Unfortunately we don’t have any experience with natural deterrents.

Thanks very much for your time. Julia

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