Chicken Pick Up

The first batch of pullets are ready to fly the coop to your home! If you haven’t already received an email, just a reminder the deadline to pick these lovely ladies up is May 21. The next batch of pullets will be ready in a few weeks and for those of you who preordered you will be notified by email.

In addition, we are going to have a few extra exotic and heritage breeds : including Sussex & Polish and more!

Email Jordanne ( jordanne(at)pathtofreedom(dot)com ) if you’d like to be notified of availability.

Sharing an email we received from one happy chicken customer and fellow urban homesteader who wrote:

hiya Jordanne so lovely to see you all the other day! My daughter and I day dream about your little oasis all the time. The chickens are doing well and I am starting to introduce them to the rest of my girls. Right now they are spending the day in the big coop with my sweetest old biddy! They are stillfeathering out a bit but boy are they pretty. I will send photos soon ( I am trying to get the hang of this digital photo stuff)!
– S.L.

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  1. Nancy Kelly says:

    I heard a fascinating story on NPR yesterday on the bees, did you hear it? One expert said that his theory was that part of the problem was the bees being weakened by the stress of being with the harvest – that bees hate disruption. Also, that being hauled from crop to crop leads to their diet being a monoculture of pollen from one crop at a time, leading to malnutrition. He said that primarily it is the mega beekeepers who haul the bees around that are so affected by the bees disappearing, so it makes sense.

    Sure seems to me that the solution is many smaller beekeepers in every area and on every farm, not megabeekeepers trying to pollinate the whole country.

    You guys are doing your part! It makes me want to keep bees too. I think I’ll look into it…

    Still love my olla!