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Article ‘Chickens In the Backyard’

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We’ve seen a surge in backyard chickens – growing more and more popular every year with city dwellers. To accommodate the recent popularity of local folks wanting chickens, last year Jordanne & I raised and sold over 150 chicks.

That was quite an experience (you can read all about in the journal archives) and very well received since we raised the chickens naturally on organic feed and apple cider vinegar. It was a considerably warm spring and we ended up weaning them off artificial “heat” light/lamp after about about 2.5 weeks – opting for the natural sunlight which makes for healthier, stronger chicks.

Hearing of our holistic practices and care given in raising the baby chicks, one guy, Alicia Silverstone’s brother ( I know, I know I shouldda got a picture of him picking up his chickens – and yes, he really does look like his famous sis ), even came from Northern California to pick up pullets that we raised last spring.

Jordanne informed me that he recently reported that the chickens are doing well and inquired if we were going to have any more again this spring. Well, that’s a good question! Jordanne is working on (in between all the goings on) offering on the Peddler’s Wagon a chicken raising kit and once again. possibly baby chicks. And this time, word has it, NOT just for local customers! If she can get some of this web work behind her, look forward to such offerings this Spring. One day I hope she gets around putting all that poultry knowledge in that brain of hers down on paper.

Once again, if you are interested contact the chicken gal directly at Jordanne(at)PathtoFreedom(dot)com

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