Rock, Belgian & Cochin

We figured now was as good time as any line up local city folks in our area who would be interested in buying any surplus of extra chickens (hens and roosters) from our planned spring hatching operation.

Here’s the heirloom breeds we are looking at hatching soon:

» Bantam Rocks (color: Partridge or Silver Penciled)

» Belgian d’uccles (color: Mille Fleur, or other)

» Bantam Cochin (color: buff or partridge or black)

Of course, we can’t guarantee our hatch rate and that means supplies will be limited.   But we are taking names and if you are interested you can contact Jordanne at jordanne(at)pathtofreedom(dot)com.

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  1. Kathleen smith says:

    I have 6 ducks I would love to get rid of -they are messier and not as friendly as my hens!!!!-would you like them-free of charge-they are layers and eat just about anything-all you you have to do is catch them-they also make wonderful guard animals as nothing has bothered my hens since I have the ducks
    just email me and we can set up anytime for your new adventure in semiwild fowl

  2. Chuck says:

    I have two male ducks and two red roosters. I would like to fine a couple of red hens for my boys and also one or two female ducks. The ducks are very large. I live in Anaheim and have three lots and my neighbors don’t complain about the roosters.

  3. Denise says:

    I have two lovely silkie hens and I would be interested in getting a few fertile eggs for them to hatch out. I would mostly be interested in the cochins. I am also trying to secure some silkie eggs as well. Anyone interested in silkies?

  4. David Fleck says:

    I’d like to get a couple hens for eggs but there is a neighborhood cat whose territory includes my yard. Can adult chickens defend themselves against a cat with a history of killing squirrels and birds? Do I need a rooster? (I don’t think my neighbors would tolerate one.)

  5. Marcel says:

    1) Where I live I’m not allowed to have roosters.
    2) Chickens are definitely food for cats. And for hawks – a fence is not enough. Even full-grown chickens are food for a bob-cat that lives in my vicinity and jumped my 8-foot fence. I’ve had to undertake quite a construction project to defend my hens against Nature. I’ve seen some people resort to keeping their chickens in a kids’ play-house.
    3) You don’t need a rooster to get an egg a day. Why any bird lays so many useless eggs is a mystery to me. UNnatural selection, I guess.

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