Yoga has the cat, dog cow, fish, snake, lion poses. Well, our chickens have what we like to call the chicken pose — standing on one leg, wings outstretched. Ahhhhh, I can just feel the vibe.

Stretching, chicken style
Whatcha looking at? Sheesh, lady, could I at least have some privacy while I mediate

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  1. Renee says:

    My baby chicks do that a lot and I like to pretend they grow a little each time they stretch 🙂

    Can’t wait to read the NYT article this Sunday. It’s the only newspaper we get and I am really proud of you guys for getting the publicity about your mission.


  2. LaVonne says:

    Ditto on the proudness! I just hope all this publicity you’ve been getting doesn’t get in the way of what you’re doing. You’ll be on all the morning talk shows next, if you don’t watch out. :o]

  3. weekendfarmer says:

    Spring greetings from the East! How are you all doing? We got our first asparagus harvest for this year and with the homeraised duck and chicken eggs – we can officially claim to have a fully homecooked dinner. Pic in our blog.

    Thought I share!

  4. Anais says:

    Greetings Weekend Farmer

    Spring greetings to you and your family. We are doing well, thanks for asking. Congrats on your amazing progress.
    Thanks for sharing and keeping us and our readers posted!

    Wishing you a bountiful harvest and productive year.

  5. Anais says:

    Thanks Renee & LaVonne

    Your comments and kind words are much appreciated.

    Renee – aren’t baby chicks just adorable?

    LaVonne – Morning Shows! Dear, oh dear. I don’t know about that. ;0 Anyhow, publicity or no publicity, our focus is on being the change and pioneering a sustainable path. Farmer D started on the path over 30 years ago and we hope to continue the journey for many more years to come.

    This project was and is not a publicity stunt nor for a book or movie deal.

    We hope to continue to remain true to the path; however, we are indeed facing many obstacles and “ditches” so we have been proceeding with caution. In fact, we have turned down many, many requests varying from books, tv shows, celebrities, etc.

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