Lemon Thyme

A kitchen herb garden isn’t complete without this deliciously citrus scented thyme.   I love using it to make herb butter to accompany a melody of homegrown vegs. It adds a very aromatic and earthy flavor to the butter.   If you haven’t started your very own kitchen garden, or you do already have one filled with the good old regulars (parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme), give this variegated beauty a space in your garden . Come summer time when you have steamed green beans, drizzle a bit of lemon thyme butter and you’ll fall in love with this versatile herb.

Silly Sairey

The one standard that we have finally laid her green egg after many days of deliberation and consistent chicken swearing (yes, chickens do swear in a chickenish way). She’s appropriately named after the memorable Dickensian character Sairey Gamp, who, in the novel Martin Chuzzlewit, was a bit off kilter and a constant rambler of incoherent babble.  

When our chicken version of Miss Gamp was a chick she would be pefectly fine one minute and then the next… well,something would go off in her head and she’d start running in circles at full speed. She did this ever so often in the brooder, plowing over sleeping chicks, eating chicks or just standing chicks, sending the message “get outa my way!”    We watched with utter amazement at her insane antics and nicknamed her ‘Mouse’ because she looked like a hyper mouse going through a maze.    Well Sairey, aka ‘Mouse’, still hasn’t shaken this crazy habit of hers. Every day, a couple times a day even, she does her round about circling and high speed galloping chicken gait (yes, I know, I really should get her crazy antics on video) It’s as if all of a sudden something goes off in her little head and “off she goes”  

Since 2002, our backyard flock of clucks and ducks has always provided us with hours of entertainment. We don’t watch much tv nor do we have cable, but we do have our own free entertainment right in our backyard.   Our feathered friends are vital to the overall well being of the urban homestead and urban homesteader.

Tomorrow, stay tuned for another edition of ‘Answers from the Urban Homestead.’ .

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  1. Mia says:

    I have a wonderful lemon thyme plant in my kitchen garden. I have yet to use it for anything. I would just walk by it run my hands through it and take a whiff. I went on a bit of a lemon kick this year when planting my herbs. Lemon grass, lemon verbena….. I’ll have to look into making some lemon thyme butter!

  2. Wildside says:

    Hey there, Sairey! Hey there, PTF!

    Enjoyed this story.