Chicken Butt!


Guess what?   Far from being a silly rhyme-arific, for farming folks, there’s something to be had for clean chicken butts!  A fluffy and clean backside is a sign of a healthy and happy hen.

I recall a time when we were teaching one of our Raising Chickens class one of the participants had just started keeping chickens and unfortunately her hens backsides were dirty (caked on poop).

Being a first time chicken raiser, she thought it was “normal.”   As with any animals, depending on weather, diet and health – get the runs but it should not be a permanent condition.   This could be a sign of health issues – worms, infection, etc.

One simple proactive solution to keep your hens digestive system healthy is by adding unfiltered/unpasteurized apple cider vinegar to their water.  Ratio 1 tablespoon of apple cider to 1 gal of water.  Use a plastic waterer or pan. ACV will corrode metal waterers.


Adding ACV to waterers for 1 week period every month for the health maintenance of your flock.

Apple cider causes an alkaline effect in the animal which reduces the likelihood of illness and helps fight existing maladies by helping to support the immune system.

ACV is full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It helps to lower the pH level in the stomach, helping digestion and making it a less friendly for harmful pathogens.




  1. Gretchen says:

    This is great. I love ACV for many things , but never knew it was good for chickens. Thank you so much for sharing. A a first time chicken owner I am learning as I go.

  2. Kelly Mulholland says:

    AVC is not reccommended for chickens by avian vets. It is a strong acid and can seriously affect the pH balence of the birds g.i. system. It does not “turn alkaline”, no acid does. It causes foul crop. This is an old wives tale.

  3. Mark says:

    I have a fowl that is puffed up cannot stand or walk. It has being going down hill for the last 3 weeks. It always stays away from the others who ignore it. It is nearly dead. What is wrong with it.

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