First off, as LHITC speedily approaches it’s EIGHT blogiversary (of course we’ve been urban homesteading for over 15 prior to venturing online!) we want to thank those of you who donated and supported our continuing efforts over the years.

Our longtime readers, you’ve witness first hand our struggles, success and failures , our happy moments to our sad ones.   Hopefully our journey has inspired you take baby steps in your life to be the change by living the solution.

Thanks in part to PTF (the first urban homesteading site/blog on the internet) the revolutionary, back to basics urban homesteading movement has certainly come along way from obscurity fringe to mainstream – this year especially the urban homesteading movement has taken the media by storm.  Urban homesteads and homesteaders are popping up all across the country as people take back control over their daily lives and reconnect with a local food system.

Also a noticeable thank you to four of our loyal readers (AJ  MM  LE  MA) who opted in to monthly support LHITC this year with either a $5 or $10 donations.  Thank you!

LHITC still remains firm in its principle to be an ad and sponsor free site (please note: the “ads” you do see at the top of the page are our very own online store so we actually do NOT make any money from clicks or hits)

As we enter our ninth year please consider, if you haven’t already, supporting our work – so we can continue to share and inspire for many, many years more.

How You Can Support

Either purchase from our online stores or

Buy our in-home production of HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION Dvd

or simply donate via PayPal (you can also choose a monthly support option )

Don’t forget all your donations are tax deductible!

Behind the Scenes

Curious as the what your donations supports.  Webhosting, online resources, education outreach, community events are all made possible with your generous contribution.

and in the works…

A new upgrade PTF/LHITC site/blog, more improvements to Freedom Gardens

Imagine if all 4,700 FG members just contributed couch change ($1.00) or even what a cuppa joe costs these days ($5.00) a month!    Yeah, pretty impressive huh if you think what just a couple dollars can do – it’s a collective effort and we need each and everyone of you.

So we cannot do this all without your collective, individual help and we need it more than ever!

Thank you.

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