Change, change, change!

Hi dear readers!  We’re changing things up on the blog to make it a better reading experience but were unable to finish it all in one day.  So please excuse all the issues — they are being addressed and tackled.  We hope to have things running smoothly again very, very soon!

Thanks for your patience!


  1. Merewether Gardener says:

    We have patience too! So often it is worth the wait!

  2. Chris Van Hooft says:

    When I told Hubby about the latest “attack”, he was just as disgusted as me.
    Kudos to you all for your patience, graciousness and generosity of spirit to persevere.
    It’s like I tell “like-minded” folks we encounter which in these parts is SO RARE,
    those that respect and care edify, share and build each other up … the rest … pay no mind!
    You are an AMAZING blessing to all of us that “get it”. Thank You for Everything that you do.

  3. Leslie says:

    Sounds great…love to hear what is going on at the Homestead!!!

    Thank you for all that you do!!!


  4. Kevin W says:

    wondering what your Potatoe yield was? How many plants started? know you’re busy, would love to know

  5. zeezee says:

    Whatever you do, please don’t change the top of this website. I like how the whole family is in the garden together. It’s cute!

  6. V Schoenwald says:

    We are patience, as gardeners we have to have the patience to wait for things to grow.
    Looking forward to all of the changes.

  7. Max says:

    Aw Hallie it will be summer again in about 17 mnthos or so!Diane I seem to be adding more all the time trouble is finding a place to put them, since the top needs to be in the sun more thatn the roots do. They pay you back for the trouble though!Mary they practically land on my head such bold little guys!Trisha an apt quote thanks!Ashleigh not here we don’t! We treasure every minute of our summer girl

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