It’s always wonderful to receive big envelopes or packages in the mail. Just recently, a wonderfullycrafty & fiber gal, who recently “fled” back to east coast, sent us two prints she did herself. Really love the April calendar print with Robert Frost quote – thanks!  
Next, a box from fellow traveler and farm girl,Clare – that held two surprises.  In the package were two lovelyhomemade aprons which we simplyadore. Colors are perfect. 

Thank you so much for such a lovely gift. Clare, as promised, here’s a photo of us wearing the aprons.


L.A. Demands Fire-Fighting Goats [TreeHugger]

[LA Residents] They’re crying out for a herd of four-hoofed firefighters in the wake of a series of wildfires that devastated wide swaths of urban wilderness, killing or displacing thousands of animals and endangering nearby homes.
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“Smoky the Goats” Fairlight & Blackberry doing their part
[ONLY GOATS CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES? Perhaps Blackberry & Fairlight would volunteer their services?]

No Organic Bee Losses

I’m on an organic beekeeping list of about 1,000 people, mostly Americans, and no one in the organic beekeeping world, including commercial beekeepers, is reporting colony collapse on this list. The problem with the big commercial guys is that they put pesticides in their hives to fumigate for varroa mites, and they feed antibiotics to the bees. They also haul the hives by truck all over the place to make more money with pollination services, which stresses the colonies.
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  1. Clare says:

    Oh, girls! The aprons look fabulous on you both! I hope they serve you well and that you enjoy wearing them. Thanks for the picture!

  2. Nancy Kelly says:

    I loved the 5 Little Peppers book too! (Five Little Peppers and How They Grew)

    The photo of you both in the aprons somehow made me think of that book – Anais is Polly and Jordanne is Phronsie.

    It is such a good photo of you, and beautiful aprons!