Digging for victory

As I mentioned there’s never a dull moment here on the urban homestead, our life revolves around living things – weather, plants, people & animals.  

Don’t know how the Discovery Health blip went since we don’t have cable; however, I do know the episode focused on greening your yard a trend which is becoming more and more popular these days.

TheLA Times piece on the urban homestead project is still rippling out. Received a call the other day that a local magazine, Real LA, will be running a little story about PTF, not to mentionCurrent TV also has something in the works for airing around Earth Day.  
Speaking of Earth (Stewardship) Day, we’ve had so many request this year to attend Earth Day celebrations in various community, colleges and such throughout the Southland that we sadly had to turn most of them down. Don’t yet have the means to have that many tabling displays, etc ….. perhaps one day!

There’s certainly lots to catch our readers up with. Instead of one long posting, I’ll be dividing them up into about 10 or so postings.

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  1. Craig Junkins says:

    The pictures of the property look great!! I always enjoy seeing what everything looks like over there.
    Hope you get some rain soon!!

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