Once again – howdy! Or as Minnie Pearl says Howdee!

It’s good to be back.  I know, it’s been awhile!  Yesterday I tried to catch you up on all the homestead happenings.  I know I just touched the tip of the iceberg, well, maybe a tad more than a tip.

As you can see from all the goings on, it’s been a rather busy time and we certainly have many irons in the fire.

We are pretty excited about the new Homestead Hub – a work or meeting place for the community located two doors down from our homestead.  It’s a great quaint space that we  like to share so if you like to rent or use the facility shoot us an email (

Think in my previous post I forgot to mention that the Front Porch Farmstand is still open, serving our neighbors and community with homegrown and local produce.

This holiday weekend, we certainly cooking up some fun family events at the homestead!

First The Fabulous 50’s heat up Saturday evening (7:30pm) Followed by the hootin’ tootin’ community favorite Social & Hooteannany on Sunday (7:00pm)

Spaces are limited, make sure to reserve at

Wishing everyone a happy 4th!

Happy Birthday to Us! Did you know our website/blog turns 13 this July!!!!

Jumping grasshoppers! That means we are “older” than Google, YouTube & Facebook….

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