We’ve been busy!   With upgrades at our sister site going awry and a local school tour of the urban homestead, to figuring out how to sell all these seeds (our FS site’s been delayed) leaves little time to write about all that’s going on.

So over the last few days….

It finally stopped raining. But only after a 4″ deluge leaving the urban homestead saturated and soaked. In just three days we made up about 1/4 our total annual rainfall (Pasadena annual rainfall is about 16-19 inches)  Any more rain and we would have needed a row boat to get around.  Too bad we couldn’t have spread out the rain, say, for around July & August.  The forecast has more rain on the way!

Now we are back to normal temperatures and dealing with cold night time temps.  Winter –she’s back!  The sudden flux in temperatures leaves us to worry about all our fruit tree.  Just about a week ago, we had hot sunny spring like temperatures which brought out early blossoms in our fruit trees.   With fruit trees, weather really plays a part in if you have a successful harvest that year.   Could be too warm too early, too cold too late – any little weather anomaly will play havoc with the delicate fruit trees.

On Monday we hosted a school tour which came to the urban homestead for a field trip.  With the threat of rain, we debated whether we should reschedule; but the rain held off till they were boarding the bus.  Then it poured, I mean really poured. Talk about a window of opportunity.

We also gave the school next door a copy of the Solar Energy book as a gift for being such good neighbors.  With our events outgrowing our little urban homestead, they have allowed us to rent their facility for our monthly events.  Of course, that means the fees to these events are slightly more to pay for such an expense, but it’s worth it.

Also, I want to point out that Susy over at Chiot’s Run is giving away seeds – Freedom Seeds!

Mosey on over and take advantage of her generous offer!

I mentioned Freedom Gardens upgrades which are putting us through fits and conniptions as we wrangle out the bugs and glitches.  Ever been hand to hand combat with a computer?  That’s what it literally feels like on these days.   On the good side, we are going to top 2700 members today and a bunch of the new members are coming from all parts of the world – India, Dominican Republic, Belgium and Germany just to name a few!

The legalese for the FG meetups in your city/town are supposedly going to be ready this week but with the way things are dragging on I’d be surprised if anything was on time.  URGH.

We also have some other super cool ideas on the table for FG but those to will have to wait till we get out from under this mess.

There’s a some screening news for both the (independently produced) HomeGrown and our short production Homegrown Revolution. I’ll post about those shortly but not before a photos from around the urban homestead to “keep it real” like they say.

Setting up for the school tour

The girls play the “SMELLING GAME” Farmer D passes out the scented herbs and have them guess what it is

There’s snow on them thar hills.  Well, it was for 1/2 day and now it’s gone leaving chilly temperatures

So a fires (using reclaimed wood) in order to heat the house

After the rain the greens are looking a bit soggy

A few tomatoes linger and this tomato bush is even blooming!

Front yard edibles – a row of lovely looking broccoli

Seedlings are everywhere!

Antique pansies brighten a dreary day.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: DT $50  SM $50 & BH $20  Thank you all for your generous support.  It is coming at an opportune time for us we improve our sister site for your browing and viewing pleasure.


  1. Shirley says:

    Sorry about the excess rain, cold/heat fluctuations, and website problems. The pictures as always are very nice. Yay for the tomatoes! A few fresh tomatoes through the winter are so welcome. What an idea to line the walkway with broccoli! Thanks for taking the time and energy to keep us updated.

  2. Terry says:

    The pansies are so beautiful! I want some too! And yes, I do know what it is like to go hand-to-hand combat with a computer, I have been doing it for days myself on a website I am working on. Good luck with yours…

  3. Chris Prudhomme says:

    Wow, tomatoes still…I’m jealous. Mine are long gone and this year’s cycle has just begun with some new varieties I’m trying (should be fun!). Thanks for the quick shipment of Freedom Seeds. Already threw some of the seeds (minzuna, celeriac and dandelion) into soil blocks and am eagerly awaiting their emergence and subsequent liberation into the garden.

    Hopefully things work themselves out with your site, coding is fun until the elusive bug strikes. Finding the needle amongst all that hay can be hellacious 🙁

  4. Tracy says:

    Can you blow some of that rain our way, please, Anais? We are desperate for it! (only got 1/4 inch out of that little storm the other day)

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