Apple buds

Oh dear, I am sooooo behind. I’ll try to get everyone caught up…. including myself.

Respite From the Rain?

Two more storms over the weekend dumped nearly 4 inches of rain bringing the total amount of rainfall to nearly 15 inches this season. Although we dearly love the rain, it’s nice to get a brief respite of a few dry days before the next storm — which is possible again this weekend.

Sunday was a very interesting day with filming going on with a houseful of people. Because of the inclement weather we had to our have our event indoors. Making the best of the situation, indoor or out — everyone had a blast. What a better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon with good food, fellowship and music (thanks to all who brought their instruments and food).

Speaking of music, we have quite a talented bunch of musicians – guitar, banjo, mandolin and even harmonica and occasionally violin player. Everyone contributes to a good old fashion sing a-long. We don’t do too bad at singing Country Roads, Blowing in the Wind and Let It Be.

Web Work

It’s slow going but we are moving forward inch by inch.

Thanks to a reader’s offer to help, we’ve handed over the blog site for php coding, etc. Not sure when the new site will be up and running, but we are hoping very soon.

As for the new journal, I’m now categorizing all 2005 posts. 699 posts and 3.5 years to go. We are also working on the new journal design and format. Also like to once again thank M for moving seven years worth of messy html coded posts onto the new wordpress format. What a tremendous help that has been. We are truly blessed to have such kind and generous readers offer their expertise and time to help us grow the future.

Thanks to reader’s continuous support via donations and orders we are able to make improvements to growing development of the PTF site.

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