Our little in homemade short Homegrown Revolution won “Best Sustainability Film” at 2009 Green Screens Film Festival, Venice California over the weekend. Wow! Thanks everyone!

Saturday night the film played to a great audience where our family fielded questions afterwards.  And on Sunday evening Farmer D went down to pick up the award at the closing ceremony.

Like to thank Susan, Joel and the entire staff who put on such a wonderful festival and who felt our film deserving of such an award.  Thank you!

One of the most common and encouraging feedback we hear about our Homegrown Revolution film is that after seeing it “folks can’t stop talking about it!”

In fact, nearly a year later, we learned that in the town (Nevada City, CA) which debut Homegrown Revolution at it’s first ever film festival the folks there are STILL talking about it!

We find that this “film” (that wasn’t meant to be a film – Jordanne keeps reminding everyone) has touched and open the eyes of people all over the world.  From Torrance CA to Torino Italy, from Michigan to Mumbai India. This little film has had big impact.

What a marvelous blessing it has been to share our journey in such a way – surpassing our wildest dreams.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: CB $25  Thank you for your generous donation of support.


  1. Michelle says:


  2. Cc says:

    You Guys are forging ahead, about going back to our roots! (no pun intended) Your in the forfront and leading the way! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer family! Our many Blessings to you all…. C

  3. J says:

    Wow! wonderful! Congrats!

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    […] time around with Justin & Sergio) in the lower Arroyo Seco we got a call from the folks at Green Screens Film Festival that we had won an award for our film!  They asked if someone could come to the closing ceremony to accept the award within the hour!  […]

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