Candle making

Our candle supplies finally arrived! Jordanne & I immediately got to work and made a couple of soy candles and rolled up a few beeswax candles.   The smell of beeswax brought back memories of early childhood and our father’s honey house that was stocked with all sorts sweet smells.


With the last two weeks being a flurry of construction projects and getting the backyard in order for the film screening of Kilowatt Outs

Also, it was time to browse through our favorite seed catalogs (Baker Creek, Nichols & Johnny’s) to stock up on supplies and perhaps try new, enticing varieties. Seed catalogs are certainly dangerous; one can get carried away in no time.   A helpful piece of advice that has helped us reel in unnecessary purchases: if there is no place in the yard for it, it probably won’t get planted.

With the transformation of the back yard, it looks like we could use a few more edible perennial plants. We are looking at adding a few plantains, cooking bananas as they are called, to our banana collection . I remember eating them when I was a kid. Grandpa would bring them home (Tampa being a port town) and Grandma would fry them – incredibly yummy. We occasionally spot them in the Wild Oats market once and awhile, but would love to grow our own.

The shed is nearing completion. Soon we will have a more permanent place for our all our hand tools and a neater place for the animal feed.   The outside of the shed is recycled lumber from the paneling of the service porch bathroom. Even though the “tongue and grove” panels were in pretty bad shape in places, the guys were able to cut the 6 ft long pieces into short pieces they needed for the siding. It’s great when one can re-use materials, especially old wood.

We haven’t yet planted around the shower. That will come soon after all the construction has died down. In the meantime, we defined the “to be planted” bed around the shower placing lovely blue bottles (recycled from one of our restaurant clients) along the edge along with some river rock we had picked up on a couple of our hiking trips.

The next project we need to work on (besides the back bathroom and all the other projects) is extending the arbor that’s attached to the garage. We are planning on moving the kiwis to that area hoping they may grow better.   Moving the kiwi opens up a whole new section of the garden, giving us more sun and, therefore,  more vegetable production. 

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  1. claire says:

    you might just have inspired me to finally use that candle making kit thats been lurking in my cupboard, I bought it in a second hand shop for 50p a good while ago. It has everything needed and some good re-usable moulds.
    and seed ordering,well . . . its difficult not to order everything that sounds so great, if only the garden were six times the size and had an army to work it!

  2. Maya says:

    Happy seeds shopping, Anais. Btw, I include your blog in my friends section. Hope it’s ok…I appreciate very much your contribution to our world, really 🙂 Cheers…’til next time.

  3. Anais says:


    Glad to be a source of inspiration. I am thrilled at the soy candles and how well/long they burn. I will end up making some more.

    Happy candlemaking.


  4. Anais says:

    Hi Maya

    Thanks for comment. Seed shopping is always a rite of passage each winter. Spring is not too far away.

    Thank you for including PTF in your friends section. I will do the same! 😉


  5. Brian says:

    Are the candles in the left hand photo soy candles? They look really clear, or maybe they are just hot? THanks!!!

  6. Anais says:

    Hi Brian

    Thank you for your comment. The candles on the left are soy candles — and, yes, they are hot so they are clear. Cooled, they are milky white.

  7. Juli says:

    Where did you get your candlemaking supplies?

  8. Anais says:

    Hi Juli

    Thanks for your question. Silly me, a small overlook on my part for not posting where I got such supplies.

    The soy wax I purchased in bulk off of EBAY
    and the bees wax and wicks were from DADANT BEE SUPPLIES ( )

    The glass that I used for the soy candles, I had for a long while and used them to put our seed that we saved.

    Happy candlemaking!