On the preservation front

Now that your summer garden maybe overflowing with fruits and veggies check out our online store for all your urban homestead supplies preservation supplies

New on the wagon is Ball’s FRESH PRESERVING KIT which contains all the essentials for you to start canning your garden’s bounty.

“For someone who has never canned by herself before (and only “helped” can as a small child) this kit was a must have. I’ve already made tomato sauce and stewed tomatoes and am looking forward to making applesauce next weekend. The recipe book is great and it’s wonderful not to have to hunt around for the right tools. Love it!”
by Jennifer Wadsworth

What a great review, JW, thank you!  Sounds like you really put your kit to work making delicious goodies.

Now, I will throw my two cents in.  Here on the urban homestead we really rely on our Ball water bath canner (two as a matter of fact) and Ball Book of Canning – it’s a great, easy to read resource for all our canning efforts.

Food security at home

Old is new again.  Seems like more and more people are following in grandmother’s footsteps and bringing back a revival of canning efforts.  Kitchens across the country are becoming battle grounds in homegrown revolutionaries efforts to eat closer to home and in season.

Preserving Time in a Bottle (or a Jar)   NY TIMES

The Art of Canning: A How-To  CIVIL EATS


The West ladies are back – Jasmine, CeCe, Vicki, and Hannah – with three exciting new instructional and inspirational DVDs. The Art of Canning, The Art of Gardening, and the Art of Herbs are fun-filled programs that include homemaking skills presented in an educational and entertaining three DVD set.

The southern charm and hospitality of the West ladies will welcome you into this beautifully-photographed High Definition broadcast-quality series that audiences around the world have come to love so much. These three fun and useful DVDs will help to complement numerous homemaking endeavors

Pre Order the The Homestead Blessings Collection Two – ART OF CANNING DVD

Note: Pre-orders are expected to ship on approximately mid August

All profits from our online store purchases goes towards supporting this and our network of sites.  So if you need something for your urban homestead please consider Peddler’s Wagon


  1. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says:

    I love The West Ladies’ DVD’s. I can’t afford to buy them so I’ve rented the first 3 in the series via Netflix.

    The Art of Bread Making
    The Art of Candle Making
    The Art of Soap Making

    I can’t wait until the three news ones are available from Netflix too.

  2. Eco Mama says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration and all the great ideas.

  3. says:

    I’d never hear of the West Ladies, I will definitely rent the DVD’s from Netflix, since I can’t afford them either.

  4. NEUrbanHmstdr says:

    “For someone who has never canned by herself before…” As a guy I find that a bit sexist 🙂

  5. Lisa A. says:

    I have never canned, but plan to next year! I will hopefully have lots and lots of food coming from the garden. 🙂 This year to preserve the 20 pounds of blackberries we picked, I used Ball freezer jars. I preserved some whole and some as freezer jam.

  6. Alice says:

    I have my Grandmothers worn copies of canning books. Last summer I took the time to place the pages into the plastic protector sheets and into binders. I now have the worn pages saved for me to use. They contain recipes that are not in the new books.
    Some have canning recipes and recipes to use what you have canned. They mention Victory gardens as well.
    One is a fun give away from a store that was in my hometown. One has the price tag of $.10 on it.
    They are fun to use and fun to just read and think about times past.

  7. Belle says:

    Do you happen to know if this kit will hold quart jars? I have a large pot that I use currently but I am not sure of the size and I wanted to make sure this will hold quart jars.

    Thank you!

  8. Lauren T. says:

    Ok… can anyone help me with this: I have been an novice preserver for years now and just picked up “The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest.” It’s awesome. But…. about a month ago my mother was visiting and while I was making Peach-Ginger Jam, she suggested that we not process the jam after packing in jars- but to just invert them. That she had been doing that for years and it is fine. Well a few weeks later I got that book for my birthday and read it. Now I am freaked out because the two batches of jam that I made while she was here were not processed, only inverted over night on the towel. I want to throw them away, because I can’t get it out of my head…. what should I do?
    Thanks! Lauren

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