Homegrown Revolution™

When UCLA professor Peter Sellars invited PTF to come and speak to his class, we were honored at such an opportunity. Since it was such a short notice, we had to scramble to get something that would get the students’ attention about the homegrown message of PTF.    Since the class focus was on food, particularly slow food, we couldn’t just show our 18 min video brochure that covers all aspects of the urban homestead. Well, we could, but we wanted to do something special. So in a period of three days, we hurriedly put together a 10 min short music video comprised of a collection of “growing food” clips from various media crews who have visited the urban homestead.  

Though the clip was a bit rushed (some parts are a bit choppy), it did somehow come together. The selection of music fits just perfectly with the homegrown theme.     Towards the end of the music video sequence, the entire UCLA student audience erupted in cheers and applause (really neat to have had that reaction).

We hope this is one of many more videos to come out of the urban homestead. Already we are jotting down ideas, titles for some future vlogs.

Share, post, email this latest homegrown music video. It’ll make you want to get dirty and start your very own homegrown revolution right in your back(front) yard, and we hope it does.

Living Off The Land

On the video clip posted above, you’ll notice that not only does our garden provide us with much of our food, it also provides us with a viable income.   True urban homesteading means living off and from the land.    Just like pioneers and homesteaders of old, our sustenance and living come primarily from our small patch of ground. Such an urban agrarian lifestyle is the path to true freedom.   For us, our urban homestead is not just something we do on weekends or in our spare time after “work.” This is our work and our life, our path to a sustainable future.

Week Wrap

Whew, whadda week.  

To recap, we are back online after four unexpected days of being offline.   So if you are just coming back to the site, there are a lot of entries to get caught up on.

PTF will be out and about on Saturday. Join us at the GREEN IS UNIVERSAL ECO FAIR at Universal Studios. It’s free and we, and a few volunteers, will be on hand to answers all the questions you’ve wanted to pepper us with. Also, we will showcase some really neat eco goods and gear that we use here on the urban homestead.    Here’s what we’ll be bringing: toilet lid sink display, sports utility bike, sun oven, bicycle grain grinder, ollas, and urban chickens, to name a few.

Should be fun.   Invite family, friends and hope to see you there.

Next week, stay tuned for a list of our weekly menus, photos from the eco fair, and, if we have time, perhaps even more videos posted on YouTube ( 3 additional videos plus two radio pieces).

There are also some goings on behind the scenes here… I’m not at liberty to say…. just yet!

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  1. DF says:

    Excellent message!! Thanks for posting this so we can all view it. I would like to also add my applause, and some tears.

  2. Wildside says:

    Just happened to have the headphones plugged into the computer, so went ahead and watched your video…


  3. saenz.melissa says:

    Inspiring video! One really does have to see it to believe it – how 6,000 lbs of produce can be grown on one city lot! You have the vision to make your urban farm aesthetically beautiful as well.

  4. Mia says:

    Wonderful video. Your family always inspires me!

  5. littlejennywren says:

    Hi Guys, that was great. I would love to put it on my blog but I am computer challenged and don’t know how. Any tips or better still step by step instructions.

  6. Joyce says:

    Love the video! Makes me want to run out and garden, but it’s snowy here.
    How do you like your James Hand Washer? I’m curious how well they work.

  7. angie m says:

    sooo wonderful… yes, the end brought tears to my eyes.

    great job sharing your life!

  8. Wendy Brown says:

    I just wanted to share with you that the “Eat Local” revolution is making headlines, even here in c-c-c-cold Maine, where my family was just interviewed and photographed for an article on our all Maine Thanksgiving dinner ;).

    I, naturally, attributed you and your work to my change in habit and opinion. Thank you for the inspiration you provide to so many people. You have truly created a revolution, and it’s spread across the whole country, where many of us are now living it here in Maine.

    P.S. I love that you showed the Nearings’ book in your video. They moved from NH to Maine, where their “Good Life” Center is still located ;).

  9. LaVonne Ellis says:

    Wonderful, inspiring video! I never thought of growing your own food as a radical act, but now I see what “Path to Freedom” really means. I’ve tried to grow a few vegetables on my little San Diego balcony, and gave up when I had disappointing results. You’ve inspired me to try again, and keep trying until I get it right. Thank you!