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Warm Winter Days

“California dreaming on such a winter’s day”

We’ve been enjoying some absolutely gorgeous days (now you understand the reason for the lack of journal entries). Though we are enjoying the sunshine and blue skies, there’s a certain cloud of concern how HOT it is this early in the season (we are still dangerously low on rainfall – barely reaching 4″ when the norm is about 19″) Since mid week we have been slowing inching our way up the thermometer. Temperatures are expected to be near 90 today! Yes, that’s right, 90 degrees in February.  Can you believe that?    The extreme shifts in weather pattern, unfortunately, is the norm these days. It was only 4 weeks ago that we were under a bone chilling deep freeze and now the pendulum has swung to the other extreme. The fruit trees are so confused – poor things (yes, Nancy, the apple blossoms picture was taken only a few days ago!). They think it’s spring when in fact we still have about 4 weeks of winter left. Happy Spring?

Updates – ‘Operation Baby Chicks’

Jordanne ordered the Belgian d’uccles eggs. We’ll be hatching those first (how exciting!), then hopefully a few bantam cochins.   As backup and also since there’s more interest than we anticipated (not to mention this being our first hatching operation), Jordanne will be ordering an assortment of day old chicks on March 11th.    For those of you in the area who emailed expressed interest in buying chickens, remember you must place your order by March 10th (readordering details)


Upscale-grocery customers gobble up goat’s milk treats

“Got goat milk? Northern California ice cream maker Laura Howard does, and she’s using it to turn out a product that’s anything but plain vanilla. Howard’s goat-milk frozen treats are winning shelf space in upscale grocery freezers across the country. And here’s the kicker
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