Growing community

Check out our updated calendar of events for May-June that include screenings of our homemade film – Homegrown Revolution (buy the DVD) at various venues across the globe (UK, Seoul, New Zealand and here locally!)

The Dawn of Smart

On June 7 at the Reel Earth Film Festival in New Zealand,Homegrown Revolution (buy the DVD) will be screened before  the featured film The Age of Stupid.

In the last two years, our little film is having a huge impact!  Sowing hope for the future.

How has this film impacted/changed your life?  Care to share?


  1. Amber Storck says:

    I don’t know where else to post this comment, so here it goes….
    I just have to ask…Do you guys have any problems with neighbors/people trying to steal/pick food from your front yard? I want so desperately to utilize my front yard but I’m wary to do it because I don’t want strangers trampling around thinking they have the right to my homegrown food. Any advice?

    • Anais says:

      @Amber Storck: Thankfully no. Don’t think our neighbors care much for fresh veggies — unfortunately, but I guess fortunately for us. Any of our readers front yard food growers? Care to speak up on this issue.

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