Ya’ll know those dwarf peas we’ve been bragging about for these last few weeks – the ones that were supposed to only grow 3 feet high but topped 9 feet high instead?  The peas we joking referred to as our “Tower of Peasa!”  Here’s a pic of Jordanne picking peas from a ladder!

Well, they are gone – bye, bye!

They were nearing the end of production and mildew was the cause of their demise but not before we harvested loads of peas off them and enjoyed eating meals with peas, peas and more peas.

Our ever curious goats, Blackberry and Fairlight, want to pitch in ripping out the peas; however, Blackberry seems more interested in sucking Farmer D’s clippers. Silly goat!

The dried pea vines make excellent “pea hay” — goat feed.  Nothing goes to waste on the urban homestead.

The garden is turning over a new leaf, certain spring crops are moving on out and summer crops are moving in.

What’s growing and going in your garden?


On a weather note, we were blessed a good drenching yesterday; however, it’s very chilly this morning!  Certainly unusually/unseasonably cold weather for April.  Wonder where spring ran off too?


  1. Turling says:

    When you find spring, let me know. Ice on the windshield in Southern California in April should be outlawed.

  2. Dog Island Farm says:

    Our peas are just starting to produce (we’re in NorCal so we’re a bit cooler). We also have the 3′ high ones and they seem to just keep getting taller. Soon’ we’ll have to make bigger trellises for them.

    Right now we’re harvesting lettuce, artichokes and strawberries and will soon be harvesting chard. Everything else is almost up out of the ground though. The tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are in. The cucumbers, squash, corn, melons, beans, parsnips, onions, garlic, tomatillos, and potatoes are all popping right now.

  3. Ruth G says:

    I find hope in reading your posts. We are weeks and weeks behind your seasons here in New England, but we have pea shouts just starting to push through, asparagus is just starting and we harvested the first batch of rhubarb which, mixed with some of last years strawberries from the freezer, made a wonderful cobbler for dessert this week. Chives got mixed into some biscuit dough as a treat and the other herbs are coming along. Thanks for your website, even at the other corner of the country, I find it an inspiration.

  4. Laura says:

    We just harvested radishes in NC. My 7 year old daughter was just reading over my shoulder and was amazed at everything you do on 1/5 of an acre 🙂

  5. Margy says:

    I envy all of you “southerners.” I just got my garden planted two weeks ago and am waiting for things to sprout. I really only get one good growing season. The things I plant now will be ready for harvest in late June, except for my asparagus which will be May. Even so, it is well worth it to put in a few crops for our summer pleasure.

  6. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says:

    We are waiting for the ground to dry up before we can get back out to work in the main garden to put more raised beds in. We reduce, reuse, and recycle when and wherever we can. Including making a fence with large pallets.

    The sun is shining today. Go to get out to the herb garden to weed some.

  7. The Jersey Homesteader says:

    On the east coast we are just seeing our peas come out of the ground. Nine feet that is amazing. What do you use for trellising? We use bamboo with string.

  8. Ellen Bremer says:

    My peas are just above ground, as are a few other things. I can harvest a few herbs, but that’s all.
    I have all kinds of vegetables started indoors and outdoors, hoping to get them in the ground in the coming weeks.
    It has been too cold for the time of year, but next week it’s warming up!

  9. Aimee says:

    I live in So. Ca., but a bit more south than The Little Homestead. Right now I’m still harvesting lettuce. There are 4 decent sized artichokes on the plant with lots of little ones growing. Strawberries are coming along. My asparagus is doing ok. I planted a fall garden this year and my onions, garlic & potatoes are getting close to harvesting. I also have one more red cabbage that I’m waiting to harvest until it gets a bit bigger. My husband is going to put in 4 more raised beds for me. Hopefully soon as it’s time to start planting for summer. Woke up to it snowing this morning. Crazy weather!

  10. Nome says:

    Here in the UK I’m just about to eat the first of the asparagus, and we’ve got a few salad leaves nearly ready. The peas are just shooting, and we’ve got lots of perennial herbs that are good to eat, but most things are still at seedling stage (or seed stage!).

  11. lee says:

    Something very extraordinary has just occurred and I would like to share it. After two years of failure and learning I just had my “FIRST” meal from my garden. It was a simple salad of Romaine lettuce and parsley. I was in awe and nearly moved to tears as I harvested just enough for my meal. As I looked at my meal, I could remember each plant that had donated to it and all the time I spent caring for and talking to each one. It is a freedom made even more special by the fact that I am currently unemployed because no money was needed. I just wanted to share and thank Path to Freedom for their great example and the encouragement they gave for me to keep going even after 3 failed gardens.

  12. Wendy says:

    Loved the pictures of the peas! Awesome! Our peas are just starting to peek out of the ground now, and if mine get only half as tall as yours that would be awesome ;).

  13. CE says:

    My snap and snow peas are about 2″ tall now. The potatoes are slow to grow but the brassicas and onions are growing happily.
    We also had some strange weather. Our fall and winter were extreemly mild but we got winter freezes in late march and early april. Needless to say all the plants that were fooled by the warm winter, got their new little leaves nipped by the crazy spring freezes.
    My warm weather plants are potted up and growing indoors at night and outdoors most days now. Our nights can get pretty cool even in the summer so care must be taken for heat loving plants.
    My best crop so far has been WEEDS. They are pretty happy looking.
    My berries are full of blossoms and it looks like a good year for all of those but this is berry country.

  14. Stacy says:

    Our summer garden is officially in in southern NM! We’re continuing to harvest wonderful varieties of lettuce, chard, spinach and radishes. Can’t wait for the coming months!

  15. frugalspringfield says:

    I am really impressed with how you manage to get such beautiful plants growing in your containers. We found directions for making containers for starting seeds out of recycled newspaper and they have worked well – much better than those plastic things from the garden store. We learned the technique here
    When our squash was ready we put the entire container in the garden after tearing out the bottom.

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