Farmer D holds up a tromboncino squash and asks the audience “paper or plastic?”

On a panel for Q & A

Farmer D takes questions of the screening of HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION.

Farmer D looks over his notes while Urban Heidi has some fun with her sis (me) behind the camera

Last Friday night Farmer D was invited to speak in Topanga at the Food Forum.  After showing HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION Farmer D went on to present some alarming facts about our seed supply.

Here are some excerpts from his notes

Swamped with more and more choices (shoes, fonts) but check out the contrast when it comes to seeds it is just the opposite.

Since the origin of agriculture around 10,000 plant species have been used for human food.  Today about 150 species make up the diet of most of the world population.  Just 12 provide over 80% of our food and 60% of what we eat comes from only 4 crops – rice, wheat, corn and potatoes.

(Showing a power point slide) Back in the 1900 a dollar represented what our grandparents ate in terms of varieties. Today after 100 years of progress what remains of their diet is a lousy 3 cents.  That’s a 97% loss.  If a corporation lost that in stock value it would be the end of its existence.

Share with you some solutions today

Diversify your diet portfolio

Invest in non modern foods

Eat outside the fast food menu

Shop at farmers markets

Go native

Have dinner at grandma’s house

Grow your own

And my little note – don’t forget our sister site www.FreedomSeeds.org where you can find a selection of GMO free seeds!

Then last Saturday our family was special guests down at the Oceanside Film Festival where HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION was screened at their first annual film festival.

Busy weekend!

For those of you who are interested you can purchase a DVD copy of HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION.

Oh and Farmer D’s talk at the Food Forum was such a hit, we got a call this week – they want him back again next month!

Actually our outreach schedule is filling up we have bookings already into January so stay tuned for the details.

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October Donators: LE $10, LM $5, EM $100, MM $5 – thank you very much to those of you who donated this month as our outreach work is increasing by the day and our needs are many.

So thank you again for your generosity and support.

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