Just when life just couldn’t get any busier. On Sunday– working at the Tea house, then again on Monday for a few hours.   In between work– chores, planning a party, and we are working to launch one of PTF’s affiliated sites by the end of December.   

After that, the next site to be launched is DervaesInstitute.org which is the earth care oroject not for profit work which supports PTF and its outreach programs.   The DI site we hope to have completed sometime in January and will list all ‘Field Hand’ who’ve contributed this year and also be a launching ground for any future projects.  

Everyone’s busy here on the urban homestead: either brewing biodiesel, working in the garden, planting and more planting, website work, harvesting, organizing, cleaning, etc.   There are plans to expand  the line of dwarf fruit trees along the southwest fence line.   Head urban farmer is making a list of varieties he wants. He’s talked about getting a few more peaches, perhaps even apricot and plum.   Being the fruit freak that I am, I couldn’t be happier!

On Saturday a few of the PTF urban homesteaders (myself and my sister) attended the Sustainable LA screening of highlighted short films featured at FarmLab’s ‘UnderSpring’. Treehugger TV’s HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION™  piece about PTF and our urban homestead was one among many others shown that evening. Afterwards subjects and or producers of the films were invited on stage to field questions.     Jordanne and I fielded quite a few questions like 1. what can people who live in apartments do 2.  what did your neighbors think of your yard 3. what if your ground’s contaminated with chemicals, how can you grow a garden 4. how many hours does it take to upkeep the garden and a few others.

One young lady I meet that evening was writing a story on an urban farmer. She said that this urban farmer/permaculturist has eventually gotten so busy and famous with a book and film in the works, he no longer gets his own hand dirty and works his own land. Instead, she says “leaves it for others to work.”   I told her we’ve had to struggle on our part not to follow down the same path. Because of this ongoing struggle, I think that’s what has made PTF project so unique. We’ve not gone about this project in order to write a book or have a film made; however, if that eventually does happen, we hope we have enough strength to resist the pull that may/will keep us from getting our hands dirty and growing our own food and living a low impact life.

To think of how many people/publishers/even well known authors we’ve turned down who’ve approached us about writing a book or being part of theirs. One would think us crazy, but I’m often reminded of the saying “you may be the only Bible some people read” and “actions speak louder than words” or even “by their fruits you shall know them.”All such proverbs tell us it’s not the words that count it’s our actions. As for those actions, it’s can’t just be for a day, week, month or even year. It’s a struggle to put one’s beliefs and principles on the line each and every day.   PTF is about actually living, practicing the revolution every day for others to copy and be inspired.  

Our advice is simple — “JUST DO IT.”   Together small steps will have a deep impact.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: SG $50, CK $25donation (plus some wonderful and practical gifts – thank you!) and CR $20* towards growing PTF’s future.

*There’s a story about this $20 donation which I will call “The Drive By Donation

On Tuesday, as my brother and I were crossing four lanes of busy Orange Grove Blvd, we noticed a car had stopped in the road. Both Justin and I wondered why the car had just stopped like that – was it to let us pass? After we had crossed the street, the car pulled up alongside us just we got to the sidewalk. We had seen the car slow down and I thought to myself “this person is lost.”   Justin had as similar assumption, he said to me “she probably needs directions.”  So I kept walking, leaving Justin to handle the directions. Justin then motioned me over to the car.  I turned and could barely hear the woman speak with the sound of cars whizzing by and caught words like “meaning to give you this” “donation” “path to freedom.”   I thought to myself, she’s not wanting directions. But what?  She continued to talk;  then she started taking out her wallet from her purse. I stood there a bit confused, bewildered as she handed me a twenty dollar bill. It took me a minute to understand what just transpired on this busy street. I immediately put out my hand, thanking the woman and asked her name.    Even more of a coincidence, it was a name that I recognized from some previous emails asking about raising chickens.    After she pulled away Justin commented on all the thousands of cars that go by Orange Grove that we should be stopped by a generous PTF reader! Instead of seeking information she was intent on giving a donation.   What a nice surprise added to our life on the urban homestead.


Greenness is next to godliness {LATimes}

These days, being anything less than an environmental evangelist means always having to say you’re sorry.
Environmentalist rhetoric, on the other hand, constantly reminds us of our own culpability. For that reason, environmentalism is more akin to a religious awakening than to a political ideology. Like evangelicals, environmentalists speak, in their way, of fire and brimstone. Like the preacher, the environmental activist demands that we give ourselves to something beyond ourselves and that we do penance for our wasteful, carbon-profligate sins. Like the Catholic Church of old, they even sell indulgences — carbon offsets.
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  1. Lee says:

    Actions do speak louder then words, one of the best things about PTF is that you guys really do it all yourself. I think Gandhi summed it up best.

    “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

  2. sarah says:

    As much as I would LOVE to own a book about your journey I think you are so right in saying actions speak louder. And really this journal format is perfect for the ever changing and cyclical nature of your homesteading lifestyle 🙂 Good luck with all your new plans and ventures. I can’t wait to see where you all will take us 🙂

  3. Siel says:

    What a heartwarming story! I hope you’re not so busy that you can’t take breaks 🙂 It’s finally not so cold out today —