It’s been a busy summer here on the homestead!  A busy summer indeed.   The “Front Porch Farm Stand” sales have kept us going and growing  – thanks to all those who support local foods and farms.  We truly appreciate and are grateful for your business. {The farm stand is open Sun-Fri  10 am – 6 pm}

We are also been busy lending a hand, a helping hand, to long time friends.    Of course, helping others ate away at the extra time we thought we’d have to spend doing something else.  But that’s the way the dice rolls and we are certainly blessed to be in a position to help those who need it.  Have to say this summer’s extra load has left me downright exhausted.

Maybe now that the summer heat is finally here, the bumper crop of tomatoes will start pouring in.  I REALLY need to put up quite a few jars of tomato sauce, etc., before fall.

Dawn, our eldest duck of nine years, started gimping around.  Seemed she strained her leg.   Poor baby.   We made sure to increase her protein intake and rubbed her leg with arnica ointment.   Within a few days, she was back to her old self, puttering around, bossing the other duckies around.   Though  she sleeps a bit more  and has a few patches of gray, once and awhile she surprises us with an egg or two. She’s a trooper.

Hope our East Coast friends and readers are doing OK, shaking through the earthquakes and then the onslaught of the massive tropical storm.


  1. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, helping hands are what I have in this season of life. It seems every where I go I get involved with a fix or repair and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I never leave home without a good pair of gloves, a few pieces of rope, a couple bungee cords, and a bag full of most commonly used tools. My next items will be a good set of jumper cables and a gallon of gas. Most of car issues are tires, gas, or battery. Oh, yeah, and a first aid kit.

    I hope and pray your duck will stay healthy. You have lost enough animal friends for this year. Have a great tomato harvest day.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Everyone,
    This is me crying, I went out to water my baby brassicas only to find that the cabbage moth’s larva had eaten all of them…. My whole winter garden gone!!!!! 🙁 So I feed all the little larva to my chickens. Does that count as revenge? Anyway making lemon aid out of lemons we will redesign the garden beds and make six small ones instead of two really big ones. Sorry to whine on your sight but of all the people I know of, you are the ones that would understand.
    PS: Did the digestive cordial work for you guys?

  3. Loretta says:

    So nice you can help your friends. I know it can be tiring to do for others, but if you have eased their burden and or pain, you have enriched their lives as well as yours.


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