Getting the tabling display & demo’s ready forEarth Day this weekend so we’ve been extremely busy with that and other things. Have some good news to report we receive about an inch of rain today!

A victim of its own success? [LA Times]

IS progress taking the farmers out of farmers markets? And is that a bad thing?This explosive growth has been a boon for small family farmers and for their customers, who now have easy access to high-quality fruits and vegetables. But it raises the question that if farmers are kept busy going to all those markets, when do they find time to grow anything
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French beekeepers brace for Asian sting [Yahoo! News]

PARIS – Ambushing locals as they return home from work, foreign invaders are dismembering French natives and feeding them to their young. This horror scenario is playing out in France’s beehives, where an ultra-aggressive species of Asian hornets — who likely migrated in pottery shipped from China — may be threatening French honey production.
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[seems like bees are under attack from a variety of threats these days]