Building new citified animal house for our mini farm

When you’re one step ahead of the crowd you’re a genius. When you’re two steps ahead, you’re a crackpot.
— Rabbi Shlomo Riskin (Feb. 1998)

Another busy week, new projects to work on and there was another a few hours of filming on Wednesday and again on Sunday.

Nope, we don’t get paid for these film projects for those of you who wonder. We do, however, figure such filming opportunities are a chance for PTF to reach a larger audience.    One day, we’d like to produce one (or more) videos ourselves but right now we don’t have the time or the money.    I could foresee an Urban Homestead series but like I said would require time and funding; however, with these out of the blue “outside” filming inquires, the only thing we have to give is a few hours of our time and they handle the rest.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: JF $50 donation bringing nearly 1/2 way to our goal for this year. Thank You!
Happy Sukkoth!


“One giant step for goatkind”: Seattle gives them pet status {Seattle Times}

Thanks to the work of the Goat Justice League, ruminants now have the right to life and limited liberty in Seattle.On Monday, the City Council acknowledged the miniature goat’s attributes as human companion, weed whacker and milk maker, and unanimously voted that the goats could be kept as pets.”One small step for man, one giant step for goatkind,” said Councilmember Richard Conlin, who sponsored the legislation.
…Grant sees a pastoral future for Seattle populated with minianimals. “We would be a really charming city if we were a place people could keep minifarms with chickens, goats, a vegetable garden and fruit trees,” she said.
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The urban homestead’s resident mini goats, Fairlight & Blackberry, cheer on their goat comrades in Seattle.   Maaaaaaaah
L.A. County may join energy-saving effort {Pasadena Star News}

A budding “lights out” movement could darken the county for one hour in October. The effort, which began in Australia and has gained traction in San Francisco, got a local boost from county Supervisor Yvonne Brathwaite Burke when she introduced a motion this week supporting “Lights Out Los Angeles.” The idea is to turn off as many lights as is safely possible in and around government buildings, businesses, homes and public landmarks in order to reduce pollution and raise awareness of the need to save energy, Burke said.”In one hour, you could save as much as 15 percent of the energy used on an average Saturday,” Burke said.
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Here on the urban homestead “lights-out” is a common nightly occurrence (365 days a year), so we’ll have no trouble at all complying with the 1 hour “lights out” campaign. Would be nice to get a chance to see the stars from the urban homestead for once.

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