Exploring their new home

While we gals were on our goat buying spree, the guys were hard at work in the garden planting and working on a few other projects: building a few trellises, planting the “blue bottle bed” around the new solar shower and much much more.   The backyard is really looking lovely, should be something spectacular when the pole limas and grape vines fill cover the trellises. For some reason, the backyard is beginning to look bigger.  I think it’s because there are new landscaping elements that are defining space and thus creating the “bigger” illusion.

I have been wetting down the cob oven in hopes of re-plastering next week. Just keeping up with upkeep/repair on the homestead is like a full time task. This has certainly been a very, very busy week. We have a few new clients for edible flowers, herbs and eventually produce – that, along with Mother’s Day this weekend, today will be a picking/packing/delivering marathon. 

The adorable baby kids are a handful, but that’s expected since it will take about a week for them to get settled. The “pink nose” one is a pushy little gal, always head-butting the black one, she certainly knows how to throw her weight around and if she keeps that up she’ll end up the dominant one. She reminds me a lot of our goat ‘Molly Jo’ that we had back on our 10 acres in Florida. Don’t know if that’s good or not since Molly Jo had a mean streak about her and was difficult to milk.   No names for them yet, it will take time for us to see their character develop.    Jordanne plans are to make them people friendly and leash train them so we can take them places – hiking, etc.   To make them use to people she’s asking her friends over to be around them and sometime soon she wants to take them for a walk – perhaps to the Rose Bowl.

We receive a pretty interesting phone inquiry the other day from a lady who reads our journal asking if we’d consider allowing the goats out for lawn service. Something to consider if we have the time and if the goat settle.  There are quite a few services like here since folks are using goats quite a lot in So. Cal to clear the hillsides of dry brush to prevent homes being affected by fires that sweep through the foothills when the dry Santa Ana’s blow through from the desert.

Even though it’s still foggy in the mornings, day time temps are finally warming up with highs in the upper 80’s to low 90’s.   

Sad to say with all the exciting projects here on the urban homestead, part 2 of the web site ( over 75 pages that will contain more indepth information about things like brewing your own biodiesel, cob oven, citified farm animals, solar oven and more ) has been jutted aside. Thank you for your patience and understanding – tis the season to be outdoors and not very conducive to sitting in front of the computer.

Busy day today, off to work…. more goat photos for you to enjoy.

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  1. Wildside_e says:


    As browsers seems like goats would make excellent brush clearers!

    I forgot which way advice goes, if you want to encourage grass choose goats, if you want to encourage brush choose sheep, or the other way around?

  2. Sean Epperson says:

    Well glad to see that your busy but I personally would love to see those other pages go up, just to see how you built things like the solar shower…..

  3. Kosh says:

    Oh my god i love them. they are so darn cute.. great.. now you are going to make me want to get some goats.. like i dont have enough with 3 dogs, 3 cats a rabbit, a goose, 4 ducks 13 chickens 2 guinea fowl and 2 bee hives!!!

    good luck with them..

    p.s. i love your animal enclosure and cant wait to see more photos of it! it’s giving me ideas for my new enclosure i’ll eventually get to building…

  4. Jasmin says:

    I never realized how adorable baby goats were!

  5. Claire Splan says:

    I’d particularly like to see the blue bottle bed!

  6. claire says:

    they look lovely, they are probably going to provide you with lots of entertainment! look forward to hearing all about it!

  7. Paul Cooley says:

    Your goats look wonderful. We hope to add a milk goat soon to our growing wealth of critters here at home, but we need to get rid of three out of four of our dogs first and can’t bring ourselves to give them away — yet. With our honeybees and our new chicks, I guess I have enough on my hands anyway.

    But keep posting on the goats. I’m very much inspired by what you are doing.