Our little homestead has a new animal resident.  A wabbit, er, rabbit!

Last week a young lady emailed out of the blue. She has very serious health issues and prayed to God to guide her to find a good home for her best friend… the next morning she found our website, wrote us a very emotional letter and, long story short, now we have a bunsie!

It’s a dwarf lop. The young lady “rescued” it from very poor conditions (malnourished, etc.). The bunny’s  name is “Pashmak” (Persian “Candy Cotton”) and she is very, very sweet. Very sad that the young lady had to give her baby away; but her immune system is getting worse and she is comforted to know that it will be taken care of!

We aren’t new to the bunny bunch.  Many years ago, we had a pair of bunnies  (Moonshadow & Sierra) that we “rescued” from a pet store.  They lived a happy life with all the fresh greens they could eat.   After a few years, they eventually died of old age and then Jordanne got the two goats….

Of course, with this new house rabbit we weren’t too sure how our two cats would react.  Typical cats, they couldn’t care less. *Yawn*

Pashmak is still adjusting to her new surroundings so she’s a bit timid but it looks like she is  taking her new digs in stride.

The young lady wrote saying: “I have been so sad, my nose is stuffed from crying, i knew it was going to be hard but not this hard. It helps me to hear that your putting so much effort with her. “

Our prayers go out to this young lady, she’s dealing with serious health issues and the doctors aren’t helping much. To them, she’s just a “test case” So sad.


  1. Trish says:

    Pashmak is blessed to have joined your family! I will be praying for her Firstmom (what we adopted kids call our bio moms)…how heartbreaking. Praying the doctors have and use wisdom in the handling of the health of this very special woman!

  2. Natalie, the Chickenblogger says:

    Pashmak looks like a dear bunny, and I am happy she has found another good home. I would like to add my prayers and concern for the young lady who found you and reached out. I am glad she found an answer to one prayer, and I hope there is more good news, and healing in store for her. This makes me want to send out supportive (((hugs))) to all.

  3. Chris V says:

    Y’all know about me and my sweet house buns. Dolce lived to be 14 yrs and 5 months (albeit blind and other health issues). Sweet Bella turned 10 in Dec. and suffers from partial paralysis, but gets around in her doggie wheelie and is one happy lil bun. I feel for Pashmak’s Mom on so many levels. The buns give us such love that is unique in their own way. It is so very difficult to say good-bye and with her health issues… sigh … I will keep her in my prayers. As Jordanne and you know, buns are extremely social animals and so misunderstood. They also require different care than dogs or cats so it isn’t easy to find them a proper healthy home. Pashmak so blessed to be adopted into your home. I pray she gives you back as many blessings in return with her bunny antics and love!

  4. Ginger says:

    Sweet story….thanks for sharing. Rabbit litter is a wonderful fertilizer for raspberries, but you probably already knew that.

  5. Cindie K. says:

    Good luck with your new bun. Our rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, actually belongs to Leonardo, our chinchilla. They adore each other. Benjamin does not care for his human family members, though. Bunnies are each so unique. Our last rabbit, Stash, thought he was a dog and followed us everywhere. He and Leonardo were also best buds. When we lost him, Leonardo had to have a new best friend.

  6. elaine nieves says:

    When I was growing up we raised rabbits for food. However, we made pets out of most of the bunnies and after a while my dad couldn’t bring himself to kill them. So he sold most of them and we kept a few for pets. When I had my daughters we also had 2 rabbits at different times. One was a large, female himalayan rabbit that tended to jump at you when you put your hand in the cage to pet or feed her. We called her the Werebunny. The other one was a cute little lop that had a sweet personality and was very cuddly. Hope this young lady finds a doctor that can help her. I will pray for her.

  7. Kim Campbell says:

    I loved having a rabbit. Mine lived quite along life with gray hair etc. Buttons was his name. My heart goes out to the young lady, both for having to give up her best friend and for having to deal with her illness.

    Is there someplace we can send a card to cheer her up?


  8. Sage kaplan says:

    Beautiful bunny, more pictures please 🙂

  9. Nancy says:

    We also rescued a “new” bunny recently after losing a true family friend bunny.

    Interestingly enough, the old bunny thought he was a cat and followed ours everywhere around the house.

    The new bunny has been named “Hurley,” after the character in lost. He’s FAT, huge (3x the size of the old one,) loving, and hates to move. We don’t know if this is due to age or if he was so cage bound before that he’s afraid of being out. None the less, we love him and he’s the easiest bunny I’ve ever seen.

    I can’t recommend bunnies enough as wonderful house pets!

  10. elizabeth says:

    Did the bunny have health issues?

  11. elizabeth says:

    Sorry I didn’t read all of it.

  12. Bob says:

    Do You take Cats?

    Bless You’all for giving Peace of mind to the young lady and the Wabbit

  13. sheryl napier says:

    Big hearts! Lucky bunny. Praying for the young lady: heart and health.

  14. Rebecca says:

    Located your delightful site by accident. Was researching backyard chickens…just brought 3 Production Reds home yesterday. The girls seem healthy and are very easy to handle…just a question about their beaks. I guess they were trimmed/whatever at some point in their young lives. Seem to have grown back somewhat. It’s not just the top portion of the beak (I’ve seen that horror before)…it looks like both upper and lower portions were affected. Will they be able to forage and feed effectively? Looks like they are acting pretty normal…anyway, will bookmark your site and try to see what I can with my 1/10th! A beautiful day here in central Texas!

  15. Valerie Janzen says:

    For the young lady who gave up her little rabbit. I have suffered over the years at times with various health issues that some doctors did not seem to know how to treat, or the conventional treatment they perscribed had side effects that made me feel worse. I cried out to God alot and He always seemed to lead me to places where my needs were met in more pleasant ways. Sometimes it took awhile, but He was faithful. A very good book that I would recommend is “The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan Rubin. He was close to death because of Crohn’s disease and was miraculously brought back to vibrant health. Praying for you…

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