Bulk food storage

Q. I would like to know what
you guys think a family should grow for eating and storing. I also
would love to find out if you all buy bulk grains etc to store. I am
trying to do one thing at a time and every week try to do something
better and more self sufficient.   Sean

A. Yes, we do buy bulk grains like oats, wheat, etc.  We used to buy them from
Wild Oats, but currently purchase them from a co-op www.azurestandard.com
There is no charge for shipping since we are with the co-op. (Check – they
might have a drop off near where you live)  – we just pick it up once a
month at the Rose Bowl.
Storage can sometimes be a problem, because weevils can get into the grain.

Winter squashes, like pumpkins, are by far very easy to store and they can
keep for a while.  We have year-old squash that still look good.

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