Headlines like “So Cal braces for winter storm”  have been teasing us for the past few days leave us wondering where this phantom storm is.  We haven’t had a lick of rain only dreary and cold temperatures instead.

A chance of rain was predicted Fri, Sat, Sun now they are changing the weather forecast to chance of rain tonight and there’s even weather models that have rain all next week!  OK now that they’ve told us to brace for rain um we are waiting.  The garden beds are winterized, the animal area rainproof and the earth oven covered – we are ready!

We definitely could use the rain!  But one wonders where/when this storm is coming because  this morning it’s cold but not one puffy cloud in sight.  But of course that could change…

With the dip in temperatures, we finally gave in – gave into to turning on some heat!

Arriving back from our goat walk in the lower Arroyo Seco, on paths full of golden leaves, we found the house heated with a nice little fire going in the Jotul wood stove.    Justin fired it up to get the chill out and for such a small size that stove really does a good job of heating three of the most used rooms in the house (living, dining and study room)  We all sat together for our Saturday movie night (Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian) enjoying the warmth and glow of the fire.  Our first fire of the season.

Over the year, Justin has been collecting scrap wood from construction sites and offcuts from building projects here on the urban homestead.  With a bit of recycled wood, the Jotul stove is very efficient heating source and we try to only fire it up only when necessary.

You can read other ways we like to keep warm here on the urban homestead.


There’s a lot of stuff I need to write about and post.  For one, there’s an upcoming article in a major magazine and more!  So stay tuned, this week (hopefully) will be full of informative posts.  I sense a posting blitz.  You ready?

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